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December 2014 Short Approach

The Presidents word

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I have just realised that once a month means 12 times a year so no wonder the next Short Approach deadline seems to rush around. AOPA has now been appointed to the New Southern Skies Working group (NSSWG) as the GA representative. This group comprises of CAA, MoT, LINZ, Airways, Airports Air NZ and GA. It is charged with implementing the NSS plan    which is the way our air navigation and air traffic management will be conducted over the next 10 years and into the future. I see AOPA's job as making sure that GA is listened to so that we don’t get hit with astronomical costs that will give no real benefit to the private VFR pilot. We also have to be realistic and realise that there will be more of our members that want to fly their well-equipped aircraft into controlled airspace with equal rights of access. There is some great technology out there that makes our flying easier and safer so we want to be able to use it at a reasonable cost. We also have to be ahead of the game as well, so when you upgrade your old avionics do it right the first time, go to a reputable avionics specialist and have the electrical load checked then follow the rules, do the paper work correctly and things will go smoothly.

We are making good progress on several issues like 2 yearly ARA’s and RPL improvements. It is slow, it is painful but we are progressing. It is no different anywhere else in the world and I think we are better off by being small and having direct contact with the regulator.

Holiday season is on us and there will be those of you that have not done a lot of flying in the past year. You need to be current and safe so do some extra checks on the aircraft and yourself. Sit in the aircraft for half an hour and get the feel of it again, then do a flight with an instructor to tidy up the things you may have forgotten. Use a check list, do a double walk around and do the IMSAFE check. Most of all fly safely and enjoy your Christmas break. See you at the AGM on 20th February. 

AGM 2015 at Whakatane

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This is a must do event !!

There is a lot of organising goes into an AGM and this year we are combining the Golf match to make a weekend of it. Golf on Friday then some flying for the boys (and girls) or just shopping for the girls (not the boys).

The motels will not hold the rooms more than a few days more so please book NOW to guarantee a bed at the selected motels.

This year we would like to get some discussion going on the way we run AOPA to make sure we are on the right track. We want to keep the AGM short but would really like some input from newer members to make sure we are doing the right things. Go to the website by following this link, 

all the information you need is there with the motels listed also. Register on the event then book your motel.  

Christine Taylor Golf Match Whakatane

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Looks like the North Island is really after the trophy this year as they have registered Wendy Thompson for their team already.

This is a biennual event to see which Island is the champion and the South is winning at the moment. Golfers or non golfers, it is a fun event which was started by Christine Taylor many years ago to take place in the year between safaris. It is the perfect lead up to the AGM weekend and this year is right in the heart of the Bay of Plenty. 

7 reasons an instrument rating will make you a better pilot

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Global Air
Getting an instrument rating means you'll be able to fly in the clouds and you won't be stuck on the ground as much because of bad weather. But an IFR rating also comes with a few other advantages. Here's why getting an instrument rating will make you a better pilot.

First production electric plane set to take off in China

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Is this the way of the future? Airbus is working on one also.

China's Liaoning General Aviation Academy is set to begin the first commercial production of an electric airplane. The RX1E is a two-seat, light-duty aircraft that can fly for 90 minutes on battery power. The plane is expected to sell for $163,000. (11/25)

How the Flettner airplane flew on rotating cylinders

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The Flettner airplane was designed by Anton Flettner, a German engineer. His plane took advantage of the Magnus Effect to achieve flight using rotating cylinders. Flettner would later play a major role in the invention of the helicopter. (11/25

Known as the Magnus effect it demonstates the physics behind a "curve" ball and googling the Magnus effect unlocks some interesting Youtube videos.

Would you like a glass cockpit in your VFR aircraft

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The Aspen VFR PFD is the most affordable, upgradable and easily installed EFIS available for general aviation. Reasonably priced, it combines situational awareness and safety into a single flat-panel LCD. Click here to learn more

Or contact at Hawker Pacific, Ardmore for more information. 

Look what happens when you don't tie your aircraft down

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Last month in Brisbane a sudden severe storm blanketed the area in hail with devastating results from the accomanying high winds. This has happened here in the past so make sure you leave your aircraft well picketed and protected. The photos in the link are worth a look as they show the effects of frozen projectiles.

Continental diesels for C172's and PA28's available in China

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Maybe someday we will get them here.

Continental Motors Group announced last week that it has filed for a supplemental type certificate to offer its CD-100-series diesel engines for several existing small aircraft in China. The retrofit would apply to the Cessna 172, Piper PA-28 series and the Diamond DA40 aircraft. "Flight schools will benefit from significantly lower cost operating a fleet of Continental diesel engines as compared to avgas-powered aircraft," said Ken Suda of CMG. AVweb (11/14)

CAA News and advisories

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CAA have announced that the General Direction, Impaired Colour Vision (GD/VIS/01/2013.1) period for consultation has been extended to 5 pm Monday 01 Apr 2015

CAA have announced that AC 91-21 is put back again. The basics are;

  • Legacy IFR GNSS approvals may continue to be operated. The 13 Nov 2014 deadline does not apply.
  • The restrictions described regarding the use of legacy IFR GNSS approvals still apply.
  • Legacy IFR GNSS approvals will continue to be issued.

Visit the CAA website to keep up with what is going on in the regulatory department.


Coming events that may interest you

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Back to basics fly in 23rd January 2015

Healthy Bastards Short Landing event 30th January 2015

Whitianga Warbirds fly in 3rd January 2015

Wings over Wairarapa Airshow 

There is lots happening so no excuse not to go somewhere.

Diesel Cessna Skylane Delayed until 2015

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Cessna Aircraft has said it is pushing back initial deliveries of its new diesel-powered Skylane 182 JT-A, as engineers continue to work on the design. According to a Cessna spokeswoman, certification is expected in early 2015.  Flying online (11/7)

(It is a good thing that Paul Hood bought a boat as well)

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