AOPA Short Approach

January 2015 Short Approach

AOPA working for you

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I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season and are ready for a New Year full of promise, hope, resolutions and good economic times. Let’s face it, the elections are last year’s worry now and we have at least two years to work with what we know before starting it all over again. I am optimistic.

In the UK they have a president’s diary which is called “AOPA working for you” and it is a summary of what their President is doing.  I thought I would give it a go and try to explain what is being done for you by AOPA.

On 10th December I had a meeting with the CAA New Southern Skies team leader to put the case for GA VFR flyers who will have to comply with ADSB by 2020. The day before I had taken a walk of no more than 50 meters from my hangar and counted 15 planes of which only one would have been able to meet the proposed new standards. Every other plane could need up to $15,000.00 spent on it to be able to fly out of or into Nelson after 2020.  To put it bluntly that is not acceptable so we need to work through a solution with CAA and Airways.

Then on December 11th It was the NZ Aviation Federation (NZAF) AGM and Council meeting where I was elected President of NZAF.   Ask any of the past Presidents of AOPA and they will tell you this body should have a lot of clout with CAA and Government but has been a bit behind the game over recent years. I aim to change that as it is the only truly representative body for GA in New Zealand. We need to make it work.

Following that meeting still on the 11th was the ACAG AGM where we elect the members of the group that will represent GA at the highest level with CAA.

Click on this link and see the members and realise how influential this group is. Gerald Grocott, an AOPA member, was elected as a new member and his airline experience plus his GA experience, in all types of planes, will be invaluable.

The two weeks before Christmas were hectic, one day into the job at NZAF and The Aviation Industry Association (AIA), who are the NZAF partner in Aspeq Ltd which owns ASL decided to sell some of their shares. This has required NZAF approval and we are still working through this issue at the moment.

You have heard me talking about SBAS in NZ & Australia which has been a pet project of mine for the last year or so. We are making serious progress on this and I have a joint presentation to make in February with Airways at the Australasian PBN seminar.  Then in March there is a Joint AU/NZ meeting in Canberra which will entail another presentation on SBAS with Government from both sides attending. Then capped off with another presentation at the ICAO ASPAC ADS-B Task Force seminar in April, specifically on GA VFR ADSB and you will see that there is quite a lot happening this coming year.

Luckily I have a good committee backing me up with Jack and Marion Schulte co-opted and organising the AGM in Whakatane while being ably assisted by Phil Pacey.  Clair Patterson (another ring –in) and her team are doing the golf match the day before. Pat Lyford has organised our next Exec meeting in Blenheim on 30th Jan coinciding with the Healthy Bastards short landing competition at Omaka. Steve Brown is handling the medical meetings with CAA, Guy Sanders the Z card discounts, Shaun Gilbertson just doing what Shaun does best which is organising fly-ins at short notice. Then Ian Vercoe is beavering away at the accounts and CMVP while Angela Hunter our admin person (who is getting more pregnant by the day), does the web-site, magazine coordination, AOPA benefits and anything I need in a hurry. Now that leaves Don Ryder looking after Anna Mackenzie who does the magazine editing and production and finally Peter Glaistar, Paul Hood and Graeme Donald who all pull in to whatever else we need done at the time.

I am extremely grateful to all these guys and girls but please, ask yourself if you have a particular skill that you think would be an assistance to the executive. You don’t need to actually be on the exec as we are happy just co-opting for a specific task. If you are an avionics expert your knowledge would be great. Have we got a retired Judge out there that we could run a few things past when we need to? We are working on the CAA Act review and sometimes it would be good to get some in depth knowledge on what we can, or cannot, expect to get through Parliament. A good political lobbyist who can steer us in the right direction when trying to get access to the politicians would be invaluable. We need young people involved at Exec level and old people to advise them. So come along to the AGM and put your hand up. It is your association and it is “working for you”. Alternatively email me and let me know who you are.

So that is what AOPA is doing for you. Come to the AGM and meet the Executive. There are still some rooms at the Tuscany Villas but book now. This year we have a guest speaker from the Canadian AOPA and we want to keep the formal meeting short to allow time for you to raise any issues you have and discuss all the things in the above acronyms. You can see why Gerry Brownlie has forbidden the Airforce to use acronyms in any briefings to him.

Another thing you can do is to put pen to paper, along with some high definition photos, for the next magazine. The deadline is 31st January so you should have some good holiday stories to add. Those of you on the Hunter valley trip take your cameras and get some GOOD shots. We always need a good high definition photo for the front cover.

Fly safely and enjoy.

Ian Andrews

AGM Whakatane 21st Feb

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Final countdown

Did you know that Whakatane had the highest sunshine hours in New Zealand for 2014. Over 2700 hours of glorious weather and predicted to be the same for our AGM.

On Saturday morning there will be a "Double Volcanic Flight" over White Island and then around Mount Tawarerewa for the flyers. For the non-flyers Marion has a trip to Ohope Beach "world famous" markets and art shops. This is Marion's home territory and she knows all the best spots.

Bookings are still available at the motels so log on to the website,  for details and registration then come along for the Christine Taylor Memorial Golf Match on Friday 20th and stay for the AGM on the 21st. This is your chance to be heard and to tell us what you think is important so see you there. Jack and Marion Schulte want to make this a memorable occasion and show you their home town.

Guest Speaker is the retiring Canadian AOPA President & Cief Executive who is visiting NZ at that time. Following is the press release on his announcement. 

Nov. 27, 2014 — COPA's Board of Directors announced that Kevin Psutka has declared his plans for retiring from his position as COPA's president and CEO in 2015. "Kevin's extraordinary vision and leadership guided COPA through times of tremendous change," said Trekker Armstrong, Chairman of COPA's Board of Directors. Psutka, with 18 years tenure in his current position, has proven to be one of the most knowledgeable executives on general aviation matters in Canada's Personal Aviation sector.


Wings Over Wairarapa 2015

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Experience 100 years of Aviation at Wings Over Wairarapa 2015

Excitement is building for the 9th Wings Over Wairarapa at Masterton on January 16th 17th 18th 2015. For the first time, Wings will be a 4 day aviation event combining 3 flying display days, an adventure aviation rides day, a national UAV symposium and a 2 day UAV trade exhibition by the New Zealand Unmanned Aviation Vehicles Industry.

From the world's rarest vintage aircraft to a glimpse of the future there is something for everyone at Masterton's Hood Airport and that is not just in the air.

AOPA subscriptions for 2015

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During last year we changed over to Xero for our accounting system so this year your invoice will be emailed to you instead of using snail mail. We have to move with the times and with over 700 invoices being processed this will save us money and be more efficient.

If you have any problems just email  or and we will send a hard copy to you or sort out your issues. You can always call one of us on the phone also.

You will also notice that we ask you to check your personal details and then if there are changes to be made, log on to the website, look down the left side and go to "Personal Settings" then make the changes yourself.  If you have trouble just email one of us and we will do it for you but self help is the best.

Please pay your subscription as soon as you recieve your invoice and use internet banking if you can but we will still bank a cheque if you send one. Remember to put your invoice number and membership number in the reference part when doing internet banking.  

The DHC-2 Beaver Plane: A history of adventure in Northern Ontario

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The success of Northern Ontario tourism is owed, in part, to the design and development of the DHC-2 de Havilland plane. The aircraft is a Short Take Off and Landing plane that needs very little land, water or snow to land on or take off from as compared to conventional aircraft. It can be fixed with wheels, skis or floats allowing it to land almost anywhere in the remote northern landscapes. After WW2, de Havilland Canada researched a new plane market.READ MORE



GA Aircraft need to be more user friendly?

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General aviation aircraft need to be more operator friendly if the industry is to attract a wider following, writes Jack Olcott, president of General Aero Co. and blogger. "Far too many people decide that the gain of becoming a pilot is not worth the pain of becoming a pilot," he writes. AOPA Online/Opinion Leaders (12/11)

Some of the bloggs are well worth reading. Ed.

Carbon Monoxide the SILENT KILLER

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Opinion Leaders blogger Mike Busch cautions that accidents related to carbon monoxide poisoning "aren't confined to winter-time flying with the cabin heat on." He cites more than 18 accidents attributed to carbon monoxide poisoning, as well as some close calls. Learn how to recognize the signs and be safe.

Give Yourself a Glass Cockpit for 2015

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The Aspen VFR PFD is the most affordable, upgradable and easily installed EFIS available for general aviation. Reasonably priced, it combines situational awareness and safety into a single flat-panel LCD.Click here to learn more

Or contact at Hawker Pacific, Ardmore for more information. 

Savvy Aviator reviews 2014

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There is some good reading in this issue including engine leaning which has always been a contentious issue. However with the right approach to running lean of peak you can use less fuel, run cooler and have cylinders last longer.

Mike Busch is the leading exponent of LOP and proves it in his own plane.

AOPA coming events

Log on to the web site and have a look at what is coming up like

WOW 16th to 18th Jan, 

Back to basics 23rd Jan,

Healthy Bastards Short Landings 31st Jan

AGM & Golf 20th & 21st Feb

But look it up. 

AOPA awards

It is time to nominate for the annual awards from AOPA . These are chosen by the Life members but we need nominations from you for them to select from The catagories are;

1)   Most helpful Control Tower:  

Let’s say ‘thanks’ to the most helpful controllers in NZ!

2)   Maintenance Shop of the Year:  

Celebrating fantastic aviation engineering organisations. 

3)   Aviation Watering Hole of the Year:

For the various café, restaurant, vineyard refreshment provider that is on or close to an airfield and makes a great excuse for the $100 pie and coffee.

4)   The GA Champion Award: 

For the person, business, or Government organisation, or indeed person within any organisation or business, who has held the flag high for GA and been a GA Champion over the last 12 months.

Log on to the AOPA website and on the left side go to Annual awards 2015 and make your nomination. Give a short background on why they are nominated.

Nominations Close 8th February 2015.


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