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February 2015 Short Approach

Presidents Blurb

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February already and the treadmill is running. First meeting was 26th of January and was the New Southern Sky (NSS) working group. We had the main meeting and then after that a small group consisting of Airways, CAA, Mike Groom, Qwilton Beal and myself had a no holds barred session on where we are going. I am not going to get into detail but want to say that this was about VFR grass roots pilots and their aircraft and how we are going to make sure that they are not disadvantaged by all the new rules and regulations that are coming in. You know who you are and you make up the majority of aircraft on our register. You are not forgotten about and I can assure you that AOPA is working for you.

We need to be involved in things which affect both the IFR and the VFR pilots and that spills over to homebuilts and in a lot of cases microlights as well. It has taken two years to get the confidence of those in power that we work with in Government. I have a direct approach but not an abusive one. If I think someone is wrong I will make my point and push it as far as possible. This approach is getting results and AOPA has been invited to participate in most forums on matters that affect GA aircraft and pilots.

There is a lot happening for me and also the executive in the next few months but not least is the AGM on the 21st February at Whitianga. We want to get the official part of the meeting over and then have our guest speaker from Canada, plus some questions about what we are doing from you all. If you cannot be there send a question in by email and we will read it out and reply. This will be my first time on a Marae and I am looking forward to the experience.

If you are going to the golf as well as the AGM and have not booked for the golf yet please go on line and book in. The numbers don’t look right to us. You don’t have to be a golfer as it is all about the experience.

Looks like the Hunter valley “Back to Basics” was a resounding success. More on the Website and in the magazine on that but the North Island is being left behind a bit by the energetic South Island team. Well done Murray, Kevin, Shaun and Guy.

I have a meeting on the 12th February with the Minister of Transport Hon Simon Bridges. This is more of a get to know each other meeting but there are some issues that will be raised regarding funding and the Act review. The main topic will be on SBAS and the Australian New Zealand Joint project to have a system covering both countries. This has been one of my projects for the last two years and we are making progress. I am also doing a joint presentation on the subject with Airways at an Australasian PBN seminar on 18th February. I follow that one with another in Canberra on 24th March that will have a heavy Government involvement.

As I am always saying we are making progress on several fronts but the wheels of Government turn very slowly.

Safe flying

Ian Andrews  

AGM Whakatane 21st Feb

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This is the last reminder on the AGM to be hald at the Mataatua Marae in Whakatane 21st February. This historic building will be the venue and I am very much looking forward to the cultural experience. Jack and Marion have done a great job organising this so even if you dont want to stay for the dinner come along to the welcome and AGM. 

Cirrus SR22 parachute makes it the most popular small plane in its sector

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A Cirrus SR22 airplane was recently forced to deploy its parachute en route to Hawaii. A video shot from a Coast Guard C-130 shows the chute deploy, after which the plane landed in the Pacific and the pilot was rescued by a nearby cruise ship. James Fallows, national correspondent for The Atlantic and aviation enthusiast, writes that the Cirrus SR22's parachute makes it is the most popular plane of its kind. The Atlantic online (

More pilots are needed in Japan for booming medical transport industry

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The medical transport industry in Japan is taking off -- literally. In fiscal 2002, Japan's medical helicopters made 2,302 flights; that number jumped to 20,632 in fiscal 2013. The sharp uptick in demand has also put pressure on the country to train more pilots. The Japan News by The Yomiuri Shimbun

News of the day Advertisement Hybrid electric airplanes are the future, says Boeing

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Researchers at Cambridge University and Boeing recently completed a successful flight of the world's first parallel hybrid electric airplane, capable of recharging while it flies. Battery technology has been holding back hybrid development, but the new lithium-polymer batteries are making the technology viable for aviation. "Hybrid electric is one of several important elements of our research efforts, and we are learning more every day about the feasibility of these technologies and how they could be used in the future," said Marty Bradley of Boeing. CNET

Cessna TTx launch party

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Date: Sunday 15th March 2015

Location: Flightline Aviation Hangar, Cessna Lane, Ardmore Airfield, Papakura, Auckland.

Time: 1300-1700

Oceania Aviation invites members of the AOPA organisation to take part in our Cessna TTx launch on Sunday 15th March. The event is being held in collaboration with Maserati Motor Vehicles, Alpha Domus Wineries and the House of Whiskey, with catering being provided by Little Wolf.  It is intended to be an event where invitees can enjoy the exhilaration of test flights in the fastest and most advanced aircraft in its class, the luxury and style of Maserati’s latest motor vehicles, whilst enjoying the latest vintages from Alpha Domus’ Hawke’s Bay wineries and then enjoy a refined tasting with the whiskey experts of Sam Snead’s House of Whiskey.

We expect it to be an event designed to appeal to both aviators and motor vehicle enthusiasts and we’d love to see as many AOPA members as possible.

Event invites are limited, but it is Oceania Aviation’s pleasure to offer AOPA members this opportunity to secure invitations.

If you would like to secure your invitation, please contact Travis Hoani at Oceania Aviation.


P: 0211133105        


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Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge.

Others just gargle."

-- Robert Anthony,
American business professor

(It just tickled my fancy. Ed)

Savvy Aviator

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This is a plug for Mike from AOPA NZ as many of our pilots have benefited from articles he has written and I certainly have learnt from his Lean of Peak experiences.

Mike Busch is arguably the best-known A&P/IA in general aviation, honored by the FAA in 2008 as National Aviation Maintenance Technician of the Year. Mike is a 7,500-plus hour pilot and CFI, an aircraft owner for 45 years, a prolific aviation author, co-founder of AVweb, and presently heads a team of world-class GA maintenance experts at Savvy Aviator. Mike's book Manifesto: A Revolutionary Approach to General Aviation Maintenance is available from Amazon.comin paperback and Kindle versions.

CAA New Southern Sky

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Where are we heading in 2015?

The New Southern Sky team has put together some important Navigation and Surveillance work-stream programme milestones:

  • the continued roll-out of the Performance Based Navigation (PBN) plan
  • policy to support the introduction of Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) (1090 Extended Squitter/not UAT)
  • a safety-based determination of how much dependence can be placed on the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) for navigation in New Zealand.

To find out more click here

AOPA NZ Member Benefits

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Over the last few months Angela has been working on getting more and better benefits for you as a member of AOPA. We have the Z Energy fuel discount that may not always be as much as it seems but in general it is better than any other supplier. the other point to remember that if it does only turn out to be a few cents on the day what would the other prices be if we did not have Z Energy.

Avis Rental cars have done a deal for us and we have got a discount structure going with Bella Vista Motels. If you add in the benefit you get at the duty free by showing your Aviation Security Card there are enough benefits to cover your subscription for the year. Angela is working on adding to these this year but check out the web site for what is available.


CAA aircraft Usage Statistics

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Just a reminder to fill in your statistics for CAA. This is not a cynical plot to let the IRD know how many hours you fly but is the only way we can get statistics to determin how many hours are flown on private ops. Then we can make progress on matters like the ARA being put out to a Biennial review instead.

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