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March 2015 Short Approach

From Your President

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The AGM is over for another year and what an event it was. Jack and Marion Schulte did a first class job and have contributed significantly to this year’s event. I cannot thank them enough for their contribution. They were ably supported on the day by Claire Paterson and her team running the golf and by Phil Pacey as our exec member. Kevin Psutka from Canada was the guest speaker and raised a lot of issues around the implementation of ADSB in both Canada and New Zealand. He has prepared a video that is on the home page of the website that is well worth looking at. The Ngati Awa tribe welcomed us on to their Mataatua Wharenui then invited us to use the “big House” for our meeting. A very cultural experience.

We learnt a lot on ground based and space based ADSB. Canada is opting for the space based approach and they are major shareholders in the Aireon project which will use Iridium communications to provide a worldwide ADSB solution. Ideal for big open spaces and ocean areas but NZ will be sticking with ground towers at the moment. There is an ICAO ADSB conference in Christchurch early April that I will attend and will be speaking on behalf of GA VFR on the challenges we will face to comply with the 2020 mandate.

I will also be attending a seminar in Canberra mid-March on SBAS which is now gaining some momentum as an AU/NZ infrastructure project. AOPA has led the charge on this and it is encouraging to see the support we have gained in the last two years.

On 12th Feb I met with Minister Simon Bridges and we discussed SBAS, funding issues for CAA and also the Act review. I was pleased to see a high level MoT person present as it indicates that we are being taken seriously. A meeting with the Minister is not something that you go into expecting answers, but a way to put ourselves in front of the Minister to hopefully open the door for more meetings.

It is VFR GA that I am putting a lot of time into so that the costs will be as minimal as possible and we are allowed access to controlled airspace without needing the highest level of GNSS navigator. There are several new products in the wind and the price is coming down but still substantial if you think it is just to allow us to do what we are doing now.

The NZ Aviation Federation has accepted two new members. The New Zealand Association of Women in Aviation (NZAWA) and the Aircraft Engineering Association of New Zealand (AEANZ). These new members will strengthen the NZAF.

Just in this morning is the latest brief from AOPA USA and FAA. I note with interest that they are calling for long term funding. Read the article and you will see how similar our calls are. The comments I have made on the Brief are my own opinion and not necessarily those of AOPA NZ. 

Safe Flying

Ian Andrews

Blue Light Day

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The 2015 blue light day is fast approaching. 29th March to be exact and Phill Pacey is working hard with his team to make this an unqualified success again.

Go to the website for more details but this is a very worthwhile cause. 

Owner in Comand

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We all understand the idea of "pilot in command", which places final authority for aircraft operation squarely on the shoulders of its pilot. But less well known is the fact that FAA regulations contain a similar concept for maintenance and airworthiness. Mike Busch calls this concept "owner in command", which is the title and subject of his latest AOPA Opinion Leaders Blog

Aviation events calendar

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Supplied by Dr Ross St George

6-8 March. RAANZ Microlight Fly-in. Hosts: Central Hawkes Bay Aeroclub. Waipukurau Airfield. Contact :

6-8 March. Tiger Moth Glub Fly-in and AGM. Kaikohe. Contact: Graeme Wood. 09 418 3044, 027 293 2318. E:

22 March. Flat Hills Breakfast Fly-in. (7.30am)  Hosts. Wanganui Aero Club. Contact: Wanganui Aero Club. 06 345 0914. Club Captain: 027 936 20161.

3-5 April. Classic Fighters Airshow. Omaka Aerodrome.

16 May. Night of the Blackbird.  NZ Warbirds hangar- Ardmore. Speaker Brian Shul- Flyling the SR-71. 1900hs – Tickets : Ardmore Airport Ltd.

29 May- l June. NZ Air Women’s Association Annual Rally. Waipukurau. Info:

Drone controlled by Brainwaves

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Technology that allows a drone to be piloted using a person's brainwaves has been demonstrated in Portugal. Drone specialist Tekever adapted existing electroencephalography technology to enable a pilot on the ground to send instructions to the drone software, a technology it calls Brainflight.

You saw it first on AOPA Short Approach. I look forwrd to the same for a TV remote. Ed

Sleep Disorder Guidance from FAA

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The Federal Aviation Administration has eased guidance to allow designated medical examiners to approve unrestricted licenses for pilots regardless of their body mass index without first requiring detailed screening tests. Previous guidance would have required pilots who had a BMI of 40 or greater to be tested for sleep apnea before being issued a medical certificate. The new guidance will take effect in early March. AOPA Online  

This will give us something to follow in NZ.  Ed

How Its Made by Piper

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General Aviation News
The Discovery Channel's "How It's Made" documentary television series has completed filming at Piper Aircraft, wrapping up two detail-intensive days in the factory and supporting departments. The camera crew arrived on property at Piper early to begin working on the popular documentary series "How It's Made." Broadcast in 180 countries, the show offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the fabrication of various products, from everyday objects to industrial items and manufacturing marvels.

Due for release in June so watch out for it.


FAA Medical Reform

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A group of powerful senators and representatives has introduced new legislation in both houses of Congress that would allow thousands of pilots to fly without going through the costly and time-consuming third class medical process and would offer new protections for GA pilots. The Pilot's Bill of Rights 2 would not require a third class medical certificate for private pilots making noncommercial VFR and IFR flights in aircraft weighing up to 6,000 pounds with up to six seats. Read more...  

We are watching the devlopments with Interest in NZ. Ed

AVKIWI seminar dates 2015

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Weather can be a puzzle – you’ve got all the pieces, but how do you fit them together to create the right picture?

Accident investigations suggest that pilots who had weather related accidents didn’t understand the weather.

This year’s seminar can help you navigate your way through the mass of information out there. You’ll also hear some close encounters of the weather kind from pilots who lived to tell the tale.

At the seminar, you’ll get early access to our free apps and new online course, plus learn how to fit the pieces of weather information together.

AvKiwi Safety Seminars are FREE to attend. More venues added soon at 




Tuesday 10 March, 7:00 pm
Mid-Canterbury Aero Club

(Omaka Aerodrome)

Wednesday 6 May, 7:00 pm
Marlborough Aero Club

Christchurch Aerodrome

Monday 9 March, 3:00 pm - International Aviation Academy
Monday 9 March, 7:00 pm - Canterbury Aero Club


Friday 13 March, 7:00 pm
Mercure Dunedin Leisure Lodge Hotel, 30 Duke Street

Franz Josef

Thursday 26 March, 7:00 pm
Air Safaris Terminal Building


Friday 27 March, 7:00 pm
Greymouth Aero Club Flight Centre


Monday 23 March, 7:00 pm
Southern Wings, Airport Avenue


Tuesday 5 May, 4:15 pm
Nelson Aviation College


Monday 4 May, 7:00 pm
Nelson Aero Club


Thursday 12 March, 7:00 pm
North Otago Aero Club


Tuesday 24 March, 7:00 pm
St John Ambulance Centre, 10 Douglas Street, Frankton followed by refreshments across the road at the Wakatipu Aero Club


Wednesday 11 March, 7:00 pm
South Canterbury Aero Club


Wednesday 25 March, 7:00 pm
St John Ambulance Building, 4 Link Way

Cessna TTx Demo Days

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This is a great opportunity to have a look at the new TTX as featured on the back cover of the latest AOPA Approach magazine. Contact Steve at Oceania if you would like to book a flight or just go along top your aero club and give it the once over. full schedule on our web site    or contact Steve at .

Long Term Funding for FAA

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Federal Aviation Administration Administrator Michael Huerta on Tuesday testified before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, asking lawmakers to give the FAA stable, long-term funding and operational flexibility. The FAA's current budget will expire Sept. 30. AOPA Online

This is the same argument we are proposing for New Zealand and stressing the fact that CAA and MoT are sitting on their hands (I will get some flak over that statement but it seems to take forever to get something done),  while the time is ticking away. We need a solution to the long term funding of Aviation NOW. I am not advocating handouts from the taxpayer but a sensible, well thought out user pays system where the user includes everyone that uses the system on a proportional basis. There is too much analysing, head scratching and looking for perfection in my opinion. Lets go for excellence & efficiency rather than perfection.  Ian A.

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