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April 2015 Short Approach

Presidents Piece

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This month saw the tragic accident that took the lives of the complete Macdonald family. Our deepest sympathy goes to the extended family and all the friends of Paul and Kate. They will be sadly missed.

It was pleasing to see the successful landing on the Dunedin beach where a plane was badly damaged but the occupants survived. Let’s be careful out there and make sure our skills are up to the mark for when it all goes wrong.

Last month I attending several meetings with CAA. Dr Steve Brown our trusty executive member is handling the medical community advisory group which includes Fatigue risk management and the new MoT initiative called Clear Heads which is all about drug and alcohol matters. Graeme Donald is handling the Emergency Location of Aircraft consultation as he is very well versed in this subject. We are spreading the load around a bit and getting everyone involved where we can. One thing that members can assist with is advertising for the magazine. It may be your own company or just someone you have contact with that you feel other members will benefit from. It does not need to be aviation related. Just contact Don Ryder our advertising Guru.

The seminar in Canberra to gain support for introducing SBAS into our region was well attended and has raised the awareness of SBAS among our respective Governments. If we don’t move on this soon we will be the only major area in the world that does not make use of this excellent technology that has been around for over 13 years. Jill and I took 6 days R & R in Tasmania after Canberra discovering some excellent wines and renewing old friendships.

ADSB is still a big task for us and the change that will happen in 2021 is going to affect us all. It is pleasing to see the launch of a standalone transponder this week that will be 1090 ES and have a built in SBAS GPS chip. This unit is targeted at the VFR non glass cockpit aircraft and looks as though it will satisfy the basic needs of ADSB at a reasonable price. Advertised at around US$3500 it is a huge reduction on what we looked like having to pay a month ago. In saying that it is still a challenge to establish how the authorities expect us to pay for this but rest assured I am working on the issue.

Thanks to those that have sent in copies of their 2129 forms. I have less than 100 at the moment and we have around 600 planes on the register so please can we do a bit better so I can get some good statistics to work with. It is important to go to a meeting and have facts to back up what I am saying. Just taking a photo of the 2129 insert in the pilot handbook with your phone is good enough so no excuses please.

The CAA funding review moves on and is nearly at a stage of being shown to the Minister. At that time we have the opportunity to have a second round of consultation and I am looking forward to that. The ACAG committee is very active in this process and is listened to by CAA. I find the ACAG meetings to be very worthwhile and are a very open forum for discussions between the industry and CAA. This is an example of why we need to have good representation at the highest level.

Please continue to check the website for events that are coming up as this is our best way to inform you. We have several upgrades that we want to do yet but these take a little time to get organised.

Finally there must be something productive about being an administrator for AOPA. Clare Reid who was our administrator last year has just delivered another baby boy (third boy) who I am told looks like his Grandfather Phil Pacey. Then a few weeks later Angela Hunter, our present administrator, gave birth to Bradley a co-pilot for his big brother Charlie. We wish them well and look forward to seeing them at events in the future.

Preflight your emotional state

Pilot, blogger and psychotherapist Jolie Lucas says pilots need to put their own emotional health on their pre-flight checklist. "Our mental health is equally important as our physical health," writes Lucas.  AOPA Online/Opinion Leaders


Honda Jet gets FAA provisional Certification

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Honda Aircraft received provisional Federal Aviation Administration certification for its HondaJet last month. The company is planning a 13-stop international tour for the aircraft with stops in Europe and Japan in the coming weeks. AIN Online

Performance Based Rules in Europe.

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In the early days of the European Aviation Safety Agency, general aviation aircraft we required to follow a "light" version of commercial aviation regulations. Last year, the EASA announced plans to create performance-based regulations for GA. The agency hopes that new regulations will help to boost GA flying in Europe and the sector as a whole. (U.K.)

You will have to register to see the article but I have included it because our CAA is following the same strategy for future rules and will use performance based regulation where applicable. This means they will prescribe a performance that a piece of equipment has to provide or meet rather than specify the actual equipment. This is a step in the right direction in our view.   Ed.

SuperSTOL Stretch XL

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Just Aircraft's SuperSTOL light sport aircraft is now 2 feet longer in the tail section and 6 inches longer up front. The SuperSTOL Stretch XL is designed to accommodate larger, more powerful engines. "The additional length in the Stretch XL provides handling similar to a high horsepower Super Cub," said pilot Harrison Smith, who added a UL Power 520 engine to his airplane. Flying online (3

Top selling LSA in the USA

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CubCrafters was the top-selling light sport aircraft last year with 50 airplanes sold out of a total of 199. Van's Aircraft RV-12 was the second best-selling LSA with 26 aircraft sold. AVweb (

Australian Airport spends $15m to attract corporate busines

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Essendon Airport in Melbourne, Australia, is investing roughly $15 million in two new hangars and a runway overlay in an effort to attract more corporate jet traffic. The airport already has the largest corporate jet base in the country. Australian Financial Review

Not much when you consider what Wellington want to spend to extend their airport ??

NZ Aviation events No 4 from Ross St George

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11 April. Tokoroa Aero Club Annual Fly-In.  Contact: Bill Cameron 027 777 7510. E;

24-26 April. AOPA (NZ) Fly-in. Feilding and Taihape. Info:

25-26 April. Fly-in Weekend. Masterton. Hosted by The Vintage Aviator Ltd. Contact: Sara Randle- 021 311 606 (See AIP Supp 45/15).

16 May. Night of the Blackbird.  NZ Warbirds hangar- Ardmore. Speaker Brian Shul- Flyling the SR-71. 1900hs – Tickets : Ardmore Airport Ltd.

29 May- l June. NZ Air Women’s Association Annual Rally. Waipukurau. Info:

21 June. Dannevirke Flying Club Annual Breakfast Fly-in. Contact: Gary Mitchelmore. 022 368 0250. E:

26-28 June. Brass Monkey Fly-in. Lake Station Airfield. Nelson.  Contact: keven Allport 03 548 5387, 027 234 5961. E:

10th-12th July. AOPA(NZ) South island Winter fly-in. Info:

At last, an all in one transponder with integrated GPS

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This is the first fully integrated ransponder that has been produced at a reasonable cost. We need more information yet but it would appear to be one of the answers we are looking for to get cost efficient ADSB into GA VFR planes. It is still a cost we would have to pay to fly in the same airspace and in the same manner as we do now. But that is another story and one that AOPA is working on.



Winter is approaching. Have you checked your Battery ?

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Have you ever been on a winter Fly-in and in the morning found out your battery was dead?

Better safe than sorry so why not contact Hawker Pacific for a new Concorde battery now.


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