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May 2015 Short Approach

Presidents report

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There was an ICAO Asia Pacific region ADSB conference in Christchurch in April that I was asked to give a presentation at from GA perspective. This was on the day before the official workshop but was well attended by all the delegates. I followed a good presentation by Andrew Andersen from AOPA Australia and he gave an idea of the coverage in outback Australia with particular emphasis on around Alice Springs. There is no doubt about it that ADSB can give remarkable coverage down to low level in Australia. They are about to install another 13 receivers to improve the coverage even more. New Zealand is way behind on convincing me that they are planning a coverage that will make GA VFR trip over themselves to install the equipment needed. The vast majority of aircraft in NZ are not capable and cannot be made capable without a serious upgrade to their avionics.

There are some suppliers that are working on products that will reduce the cost if they can be accepted by our CAA. There is a fair way to go yet to get this sorted with AC91-21 not ready until December 2015. This is the AC that will tell us what we need to comply with the rules. Interestingly Airbus said at the seminar that they recommend that users of their aircraft should go for an exemption from the FAA rule because they do not comply as it is written. 

The CAA WX Matters safety seminars are underway so go along and see what they have to tell you about weather. They go to a lot of effort on these road shows so support them.

Our Magazine relies on articles by members about members. We do not try to be another public magazine for sale on the newsstands. It is about our members and their activities no matter what they may be. Four times a year we need articles and profiles on you that will be of interest to the other 1000 members out there. Please send in contributions with good high quality pictures of what you have been up to in your area. It is the same old contributors time after time that keep it going and we need some fresh ideas. Send it to Angela at and we will take it from there.

There is a fly-in at Hammer this weekend subject to weather of course and I hope to see you there. Then it is not long until the winter super fly-in at Omarama 10th July but watch the website for any others that may be organised spontaneously.

Finally thanks to Guy Sanders who has organised the Z energy discount to go up to 10 cents per litre from 1st May for registered AOPA customers. It is well worth the effort to register and if you are in doubt give Guy a call. We do hear stories that other suppliers are only a few cents dearer at some locations but we need to support Z or there won’t be any competition. Prices vary but for AOPA Z should always be cheaper.

Safe flying

Ian Andrews

Bigger Discount from Z Energy

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Great News starting 1st May 2015.

Guy sanders has worked hard to get the discount on Avgas fuel raised to 10 cents a litre. That is well worth having and you must register with Z the fact that you are an AOPA member.

AOPA USA Mark Baker Speaks out.

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Regulatory reforms, including third-class medical reform and changes that will make it easier and less expensive to install modern safety equipment in older aircraft, are key to ensuring the future of general aviation, AOPA President Mark Baker testified before the Senate Aviation, Operations, and Security Subcommittee. Read more...

Dianond DA62 Certified by EASA

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Diamond Aircraft's new flagship, the diesel piston twin DA62, has been certified in Europe. The twin comes in two configurations, with five seats or seven. Read more...

Airbus Electric Trainer New Facility

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Airbus announced plans for a new facility in southern France where it will build its new two-seat electric airplane. The E-Fan 2.0 is expected to enter production in late 2017. Flying online

Good IFR flying Needs More VFR Flying

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Pilot and blogger Ron Rapp says pilots have become too reliant on technology to improve their flying and believe it will keep them safe. But the secret to safe flying is to actually fly the airplane. "For many a professional pilot the key to good IFR flying is more VFR flying. Stick, rudder, throttle," writes Rapp. The House of Rapp


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10 May. Central Hawkes Bay Aero Club Dawn Fly-in. Waipukurau. 06 858 8226.

9-10 May. AOPA(NZ) Fly-in. North Canterbury. Info:

16 May. Night of the Blackbird.  NZ Warbirds hangar- Ardmore. Speaker Brian Shul- Flyling the SR-71. 1900hs – Tickets : Ardmore Airport Ltd.

29 May- l June. NZ Air Women’s Association Annual Rally. Waipukurau. Info:

7 June. Feilding Dawn Fly-in. Manawattu Microlight Club. 06 323 9861

21 June. Dannevirke Flying Club Annual Breakfast Fly-in. Contact: Gary Mitchelmore. 022 368 0250. E:

26-28 June. Brass Monkey Fly-in. Lake Station Airfield. Nelson.  Contact: keven Allport 03 548 5387, 027 234 5961. E:

10th-12th July. AOPA(NZ) South island Winter fly-in. Omarama. Info:

15 November. AOPA(NZ) North Island Christmas BBQ and Richard Primrose Memorial Landing Competition. Turangi. Contact: Phil pacey 09 294 8796.

Thanks to Dr Ross St.George, School of Aviation, Massey University.

The Beginning of the Light Aircraft Movement

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In the 1920s Great Britain saw a great growth in civil aviation, which was an outgrowth of its light aircraft movement. This movement originated with light plane trials held in Lympne, England. These competitions led to the development of new light aircraft for private ownership and flying clubs. The flying clubs saw thousands of pilots learn to fly in the light planes, creating a market for these aircraft. This, in turn, led to the development of one of the most iconic of light planes, the de Havilland Moth.


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