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June 2015 Short approach

Presidents update

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Happy Birthday HRH.

I just noticed that the first one of these Short Approach newsletters was June 2014 so we have a birthday also.  Have we made any progress in that 12 months?

I notice that Cessna were hailing their new Diesel in the C182 JTA as the best thing since sliced bread. Well 12 months later I am told they have 35 aircraft sitting on the floor awaiting certification and  have just announced they will be selling the C182 with a gasoline engine. Not much progress there.

Last year I was talking about ADSB and PBN and I am still talking about ADSB and PBN. Not much progress there either but with the New Southern Sky program I do believe we are getting to the heart of the issues. Next week I am attending a meeting with Air NZ and CAA which shows how far we have come in getting accepted around the table and advocating for GA. Both IFR and VFR.

The big win has got to be the free GA Metflight weather from 1st July. I am not sure how this will be delivered yet but when Metservice return my call I will be discussing with them that we want a one stop shop for all flight planning with only one log on. Our preference is via the IFIS site. We are talking to Airways and hope to get a round table discussion with the tech gurus to see that we get what we consider sensible. Top marks (A+++) to all the guys from NZAF that combined to get this result. That is the benefit of NZAF, we are all around the one table every 2 months to feed of each others ideas and take up the issues.

The recent AVKiwi seminars on weather were interesting and I believe well attended at each venue. I would be interested in some feedback on what you thought and what you learnt.

  • Did you take up the offer of the free apps for your smartphones?
  • What do you think of them?
  • Have they helped you in flight your planning?

Your feedback on this will help us in our deliberations with CAA and give us an idea of the benefits of that particular AvKiwi presentation.

Many of you are good at sending me back quick and short emails and I do take notice of them and use the information in consultation with CAA. It is a chance for you to have a say.

I think the main win is not easy to explain but in my view it is the acceptance of AOPA and NZAF as good advocates for GA. The increasing numbers of invitations to attend forums relating to all aspects of aviation is encouraging. I still want to see more input and shorter time spans in getting things done via the Governmental process.

Safe Flying

Ian Andrews


AOPA Benefits for Members

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I had the occasion to need a rental car in Auckland the other day. I am an Avis Preferred renter and have been for many years. However by quoting the AOPA AWD number J1227719 the airport fee was reduced from $45.00 to $25.00. For a one day rental that is huge and the benefit of getting the car at the airport was great. Saved me probably over an hour in time. This is a good benefit to AOPA so when you want a car go to our website and book with Avis.

Savvy Aviator News letter

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Mike Busch continues to write informative articles and to challenge the accepted protocols  that are entranched in our minds.

Have a look at his latest newsletter. Maybe one day we will get him out here for a talk.


GA Airports role in the eonomy

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Thanks to N.J. Judge, GA Airports Win Collective Victory

By Stephen Pope — You may have heard the news this week that a New Jersey judge tossed out a lawsuit brought by the town of Readington, which for more than a decade has tried to wrest control of Solberg Airport from the family that has owned it since 1941. But what you might have missed is what the judge...[more]


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Superior Air Parts has released a 100hp diesel engine for the experimental and light sports aircraft sector, effectively firing a shot across the bows of traditional LSA engine manufacturers like Rotax and Jabiru. 


Dynon SkyView software update supports ADS-B

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Dynon Avionics unveiled a new remote magnetometer and updated software for its SkyView panel that adds the data format necessary to support ADS-B. "The transponder update in SkyView 12.2 software demonstrates Dynon’s leadership and commitment to helping its customers properly equip for FAA 2020 ADS-B Out rule compliance," said Dynon's Michael Schofield. AVweb

Please remember by including an article we are not recommending products but just informing you of what is out there. Ed

Cessna restarts gas-powered Skylane production

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The gas-powered piston version of Cessna Aircraft's Skylane 182 has been out of production for the past three years while the company focused on the diesel-powered JT-A version. Certification for the 182 JT-A has taken longer than expected, and now Cessna has announced it will restart production of the gas-powered version. AOPA Online

NASA and electric GA aircraft

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I nearly skipped this one but after watching the video I reckon it is worth watching.. Ed

NASA researchers recently tested an airplane wing powered by electric propellers that would make flying more energy-efficient and less noisy. The wing is aimed for use with general aviation aircraft. "By making aircraft that are more efficient and quieter ... those aircraft can land at airports that are much closer to where you live and where you work," said Joeben Bevirt of Joby Aviation. WKEF-TV (Miamisburg, Ohio)

Queenstown Airport voted most Stunning Airport Approach

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From Aviation NZ newsletter

Great to see in a 2015 poll conducted by global jet chartering service PrivateFly, the fastest growing private aviation company in Europe, its website visitors voted Queenstown as the best touchdown approach experience for the coming year.  The airport served nearly 1.25m passengers in 2014.  Previous annual poll winners include the south of France's coastal plot at Nice Côte d'Azur for 2014, the Caribbean island of St Maarten for the 2013 poll, the beach runway of Barra Airport in Scotland's Outer Hebrides for 2011, and Swiss Alpine landing at Sion for 2010.  Queenstown is in illustrious company!

Coming events for AOPA NZ

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South Island Winter Fly-in Omarama 10th July Well booked and probably nearly full.

 2016 AGM and Safari Saturday 5th March, 2016 Time to slot it in your diary.

and from Ross St George's calendar

7 June. Feilding Dawn Fly-in. Hosts –Combined Feilding Flying Clubs and Organisations. Contact: Manawatu Microlight Club. 06 323 9861

21 June. Dannevirke Flying Club Annual Breakfast Fly-in. Contact: Gary Mitchelmore. 022 368 0250. E:

26-28 June. Brass Monkey Fly-in. Lake Station Airfield. Nelson.  Contact: keven Allport 03 548 5387, 027 234 5961. E:

10th-12th July. AOPA(NZ) South island Winter fly-in. Omarama. Info:

16 August. Hawera Dawn-Fly-in. Hawera Aerodrome. Contact: Julie Ingram: 021 150 2351. E:

15 November. AOPA(NZ) North Island Christmas BBQ and Richard Primrose Memorial Landing Competition. Turangi. Contact: Phil pacey 09 294 8796.

We Need You

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We need articles for the magazine. They can only come from you who are the members. This is a magazine for AOPA about AOPA and it serves to keep the members informed. Treat it like an "AOPA has got talent show". You send in an article and we will let our editor decide if it is good enough. Maybe with just a little bit of editing you will provide a great story of what has happened to you. Dont be afraid just sit down and write it then let us do the rest. We always need good pictures also. This last magazine was a bit of a mission so we need to build up some articles that we can use in the future.

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