AOPA Short Approach

September 2015 Short Approach

Presidents report

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The weather is clear blue sky, the temperature is 25 degrees, the water is a bit cool but not cold and the beaches are golden. Yep I am in Noosa for a couple of weeks with terrible internet and lots of Aussies. It does amaze me how many Kiwis are here enjoying the warmth and good food. Noosa is one of our favourite places in the winter and there is always the odd aircraft coming in from Coloundra and doing some Aero’s over the beach.

Back to reality for a while and CAA are still holding back on the next round of consultation for the funding review. I expect that to come up next month and as I have said before we will be taking it very seriously. The winter months also saw a fair amount of sickness go through most organisations and CAA had their share which has delayed some NSS decisions. However we have had a win on our submission for a change to a 2 yearly review of airworthiness. This has now been advanced to become a rule change so is now firmly in the system and I see no real impediments in getting this through. Don’t count the dollars yet but as the average ARA costs around $600.00 you can look forward to some substantial savings when it becomes a Biennial Review or BRA.

I have to thank Hamish Ross and Shaun Gilbertson for their efforts in this matter. Hamish did the paper work and Shaun kept the pressure on me to follow it up. AOP{A can chalk this up as a real win and once it is in the system we will use ACAG to get it through as quickly as possible.

The 10th October Executive meeting is going to be in Auckland but not at Tuakau as previously mentioned. For a variety of reasons, that Phil Pacey can elaborate on, we are now going more central and having it at the Novotel Ellerslie. All the details are on the web so please log on and register so we can have numbers confirmed. This is a great chance for Auckland members to come along and meet the Exec. There are deals available if you want to stay the night. We want to see Auckland more active because you have some great flying North of the Bombay Hills and contrary to some peoples opinion that is not where New Zealand stops. AOPA is working for you so make your opinions known by meeting us face to face.

Well that’s it from here, Jill and I are off down Hastings Street to find a good meal and glass of Aussie red.

Safe flying

Ian Andrews

New Clean sheet turboprop from Textron

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According to Textron Aviation, there is room in the market for a new single-engine turboprop aircraft, and announced plans to develop an aircraft to meet that demand. "This is an entirely new, clean-sheet design aircraft -- not a derivative or variant of any existing product," a representative of the company confirmed in an e-mail. AVweb (8/3)

Nasa prize for Eelectric aircraft

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NASA recently sponsored a competition to design new all-electric general aviation aircraft. Entries were submitted from more than 20 universities and colleges; the competition was won by a team from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Tech Times (8/3)

Airways IFIS new site

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Airways have a new site coming but due to technical problems it has been delayed. They want to get it right before fully releasing it. however be aware that this is a heppening thing and may well come on stream before the next Short Approach

Warbirds open their Ardmore bar to AOPA Members

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On Friday 21st August New Zealand Warbirds hosted Aero Technology and customers to celebrate Aero Technology's achievement in winning the AOPA award for Best Maintenance Shop 2015.

New Zealand Warbirds would like to welcome any AOPA members to join them in the bar at Ardmore on any Friday or Sunday evenings from 4:30pm for social drinks.


NZ Model Flyers are World Champions

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New Zealand model fliers are very proud to have recently beaten 32 other countries to be declared the World Champions in a model gliding competition. 

Christchurch glider pilot Alex Hewson wins world champs 
Kiwi hand glider pilots dominated 120 competitors from 33 countries to win the 2015 F3K World Championships in Croatia last week.
It was the end of a two year journey for Christchurch man Alex Hewson, who described the win as  "totally surreal" and "a dream you don't wake up from" in an interview over Facebook last night before boarding a 40 hour flight back to New Zealand.
F3K is a classification code for a type of radio-controlled model glider and competitors are required to launch the craft by hand, with a similar technique to a discus thrower, before completing several different endurance-based tests and stunts.
Hewson spent around $7000 on flights, accommodation and costs to compete in the tournament and will now hold the world champion title for two years.
He flew in with three others from Team New Zealand, including Kevin Botherway, Joe Wurts and Jonathan Shorer, who also took out the team gold medal.
"[The] atmosphere was great, very tense at times, some teams were quite relaxed and were there to have a good time but most teams were very serious," Hewson says.  
"It is a community most of all, an awesome bunch of people and a very addictive, fun way to spend your time."
The pilot says he is the second model aviation world champion in New Zealand's history.
Story by 3 News

ELT's Why are they mandated?

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In an effort to improve emergency locator transmitter technology for commercial and general aviation, NASA is performing a series of test crashes of Cessna 172 aircraft to simulate various crash scenarios. The third of three tests is expected to be performed this week and will involve dropping the airplane tail-down from 100 feet. (8/24), 

Australia has spent over $100m looking for MH 370 ? I can track my iPhone to within 15m so why can we not learn that ELT's fail more often than not and there are better systems out there. I am not picking on the model in the photo. Ed

Time for a BFR ? go to your local Aero club.

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Most of AOPA members came up through the Aero Club sytem and many of you are still Members so when it comes time for your BFR go to the club and hire an instructor.

Flying New Zealand puts a huge amount of effort and time into training GA pilots. They are also active in encouraging young pilots to learn to fly through their Young Eagles programme. These pilots are our future members so support your local aero club as much as possible. It is a great place to learn aerobatics and precision flying through their competions. We fly alone most of the time and bad habits can become set in stone so take an instructor up more often than your BFR and keep your basic skills well honed. 


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