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March 2016 Short Approach

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It is now only 3 days until the AGM, then the start of the South Island Safari. The weather is looking good and we have great numbers attending both events. The Highland Park race track seems to be a good draw card and the North Island / South Island rivalry will be intense.  The details for both events are on the website so if you have not booked yet there may still be time.

It has been a busy start to the year with submissions closing on the Funding review and also the Airways Ltd pricing review coming up shortly. There is also a revision of Rule Part 19D which is the GNSS rule and this takes some time getting our head around the details. The object from AOPA perspective will be for CAA to keep it a simple performance based rule. The main point about a performance based rule as opposed to a specific equipment based rule is that a performance standard is prescribed and you can exceed it but not be less than it. That means as technology changes provided the lower standard still does the job then a higher standard is acceptable. This is where we are in Part 19D where the standard is not acceptable for the full PBN and ADSB so the rule needs to be changed and that is a time consuming lengthy job.

The main goal at the moment is to get the new cost of a medical lowered to what is an acceptable level. My view is that around $75.00 is that figure. When I look at the updated medical manual on the website Medical Manual and read part 2 which describes the certification process it reinforces my view that we are paying for the “application form” only. This has long been the debate we have at every meeting with CAA, however, they are of the opinion that the whole cost of the medical department should be paid for in that fee. This new Part 2 clearly separates the functions which should back up our view. The debate goes on.

We are making progress on the “going Solo on a RPL medical” issue which is due to be signed off by the Minister on 1st April and should be in action within a short time after that. This will help a lot for those that just want to fly with the RPL. At the IAOPA Assembly in Chicago this July there will be a session on the medical standard for a PPL. This has been a pet subject of mine for some time and I want to get a common standard between USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand plus anyone else prepared to come on board. The goal is full PPL privileges with a car drivers licence similar to the USA proposal and recognised by ICAO. I will be moderating that session so hope we can stimulate some interest.

The SBAS solution for Australasia is heating up again with interest at Ministerial level picking up. April and May will see some presentations from AOPA NZ in both countries. The goal here is to make sure that when we are mandated into ADSB we get the full benefit of the technology.

The Aviation Federation is getting right behind our push for the lower medical application fee and also coordinating our response to the Funding review.

The Aviation Community Advisory Group (ACAG) has an important meeting on 15th March where we will be appraised of the submissions that were put in on that funding review. That will be an interesting meeting.

Safe flying and I look forward to seeing many of you at the AGM and Safari.

Ian Andrews

Garmin enter the tracking business

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Garmin to acquire outdoor tracking company DeLorme

Garmin Ltd. has entered into an agreement to acquire DeLorme, a privately held company that designs and markets consumer-based satellite tracking devices with two-way communication and navigational capabilities. Find out more about the acquisition.

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New Southern Sky Conference

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The New Southern Sky Conference 2016 is taking place 9-10 May 2016, focusing on lessons learned from Stage I (2014-2015), and looking to the future.

We’ve confirmed some excellent speakers from NZ and abroad and are keen to extend an invitation far and wide.

To find out more, please follow the two links below 

Conference webpage

Online invitation


Our next winter fly-in ??

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McMurdo Station in Antarctica is serviced by three runways, all made of ice. The Pegasus White Ice Runway for wheeled aircraft is made of white ice, which is actually about four inches of compacted snow. All types of airplanes can land at the main Ice Runway while the skiway at Williams Field is only for ski-equipped airplanes. Travel + Leisure

Aviation events coming up.


22-28 February. Flying NZ Regional Competitions. Hosts; Mid-Canterbury Aero Club. Ashburton Airfield. Contact Karen Groome 07 377 8499. E:

25-26 February. Stratford Aero Club Sports Flyers 85th Birthday Celebrations. Contact: Nick Furmage 020 404 28854.

4-6 March. Tiger Moth Club AGM and Fly-in. Dannevirke.  Contact : Graeme Wood 09 418 3044. E:

13 March. Youth in Aviation Field Day. Hood Aerodrome, Masterton. Sponsors: NZ Division : Royal Aeronautical Society. Contact: John Lanham: 0274 442 8681.

20 March. Omaka Flying Day. Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre. Ph 03 579 1305. E:

25-28 March. Warbirds Over Wanaka. Wanaka. Info:

2 April. Omaka Flying Day. Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre. Ph 03 579 1305. E:

10-12 July NZAAA Annual Conference. Wellington.  Info: Email.

30 September- 2 October. 75 Squadron Assn Biennial reunion. Tauranga. Info: Glen Turner 021 732 835. E:


17-19 February. Wings over Wairarapa. Hood Aerodrome: Masterton. (Awiating further information).

24-26 February. Air show. RNZAF Ohakea. Marking 80 years for RNZAF as an independent armed service.  ( Awaiting further information).

25-26 February. Stratford Aero Club Sport Flyers. 85th Birthday celebrations. Stratford. Contact: Nick Furmage: 020 404 28854. E:

Dr Ross St.George, School of Aviation, Massey University.

Youth In Aviation Field Day

The Wellington Branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society is organising a second Youth in Aviation Field Day for Sunday, 13 March 2016 at Hood Aerodrome in Masterton.

The Field Day is aimed at Year 10 to University students who are interested in aviation either as a career or a recreational activity.

Registration will be available through high schools, scout groups and Air Training Corps Squadrons in the Wellington and Wairarapa regions.

The last Field Day in 2014 saw 45 students hear from speakers covering commercial, recreational and military aviation.

Last time prizes for winners of an essay writing contest included three flights in light aircraft and a visit to an air traffic control tower.

Contact John Lanham for more information



L-3 Unveils ADS-B Solution for Helicopters

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At Heli-Expo 2016 this week, L-3 Aviation announced the Federal Aviation Administration's OK of its Lynx line of ADS-B products for helicopters. The all-in-one system fits into the standard transponder space on most helicopters. AIN Online

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