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Let’s start with some of the upcoming events. Meet and greet the executive, In Mosgiel on 14th October an event we have the night before our normal Executive meeting on the 15th.  Murray Paterson and his team are organising this and the details are on the website so if you are in the area come along meet your hardworking exec members. It is worth looking at the Website to get details of what is coming up so that you do not miss out. The 2017 AGM details are on there with hotel booking information. Wanganui will turn on a good patch of weather for us to have 9 holes of golf on the Friday then the AGM on the Saturday with maybe some flying thrown in on then Sunday. There are Christmas fly-ins in both Islands so look them up and come along.

Some of you have attended the New Southern Sky (NSS) road show and I would be interested in comments on what you thought about it and what you got from it. Send me an email with your comments and I will make sure they get to the right people.

Airways have announced the signing of the contract for the supply of ADSB equipment with Thales who are a French organisation. At last we will start to get some certainty on coverage and placement of towers so that we can then compare the benefits for GA VFR. There is a lot of discussion going on and I am on the NSS future surveillance group, pushing hard for the best solution for GA VFR.

The funding review has stalled in a big way and I am about to get on that bandwagon again. It is not good enough and we need to be pushing hard on the matter. It is with the Minister at the moment being prepared to go the Cabinet for approval.

There has been a bit of an issue around access to Milford Airport recently. In the past we would ring the Tower at Milford and advise we were coming then receive a landing charge along with an associated Airways charge. Then DOC decided that we also needed a concession to land on DOC property. They would send an account plus a reminder that under the DOC Act we needed a concession and could be fined if we did not have one. Shaun Gilbertson has been negotiating with DOC to get 60 landings a year for AOPA members which would tidy that up. I have also been dealing with Ministry of Transport, who run the airport, and they are looking at certifying the airport which would may the need for a concession. Plenty to come on this issue over the next months but if you want to go in there just give Shaun a call and he will fill you in on the details.

The 2018 World Assembly preparations are well in hand with venues and functions that are critical all booked and in place. We are looking at holding the AGM for 2018 at the same time so that we can get a good NZ contingent along. The timing coincides with the 2018 30th anniversary Warbirds over Wanaka so this will make it a good event. I am giving lots of notice so that you can start planning your holidays and save up for what will be a great time. The world assembly starts on 24th March and Warbirds on the 31st   2018. It is Easter so holiday time.

Steve Horne has launched an AOPA NZ Facebook Group that is having a very positive effect on new members joining up. It may be a bit different for many of the older members (including the Executive) but this is a way of communicating to a whole new sector of aviators. It is not taking over from our website where you will still go to get all the news, information and register for events but it provides an instant communication portal for those that are glued to their Facebook account. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

We also have a new website dedicated to weather cameras. Have a look at and see what you think. There will be more added as time goes on and Shaun Gilbertson is the coordinator for this. There are also other weather sites on the main website under “useful Links” on the left side menu.

A new event appeared on the calendar last weekend. A Fly-in at Charlie Draper’s strip in Darfield. First reports in say it was a great weekend with lots of new members, potential new members and some that have not been seen for a long time There were lots of new strips that Charlie knew about and he was helped in organising the event by one of New Zealand’s top balloonists, Michael Oakley from Hororata. There are photos on the website now and if you have any others either put them up or send them to Mary or myself to put them on the site.

We have had some issues relating to instrument departures at quite a few airfields. Fortunately, we have members like Gerald Grocott that let me know about them and we can get involved with CAA and Airways to sort out the issues. This is an area of AOPA business that keeps us involved with the airspace and procedures departments. I also met Nick Tabor, the Airspace representative from the NZ Hang-gliding association, at the NSS road show in Nelson the other day. He probably knows more about airspace than most people I have met because it really does affect them. You will notice more hang-gliding icons appearing on the visual charts now which is a great visual indication of where the areas are. We swapped a few ideas and agreed to keep in touch with each other on these airspace issues. Just another reminder also on airspace around model flying areas. They are well noted on the VTC charts and generally notamed when active. That is another good reason to get the new Airways app for your smart phone as it will give weather and notams wherever you are.

The latest Vector magazine from Airways has some interesting articles in it including one by Air Nelson regarding Q300 flights into uncontrolled airports. This has been happening in Australia for years but now that the Beech 1900’s are gone we could see more of the Q300’s at any GA uncontrolled airport. We just need to make sure our radio work is up to scratch and that we have our transponders on at all times.

Safe Flying

Ian Andrews

Transponder use on the airport surface

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The FAA wants pilots to ensure that their aircraft transponder is on and in the altitude reporting mode while operating on movement areas at all airports. Read more...

It may be FAA but will become standard practice in NZ as well I suspect.

Density Altitude 101

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Did you know that a normally aspirated aircraft engine will lose approximately 3.5 percent of its horsepower for every 1,000-foot increase in density altitude? Brush up on your high-density-altitude skills and desert-survival planning with advice from these expert mountain flying instructors before heading to AOPA's Fly-In at Prescott, Arizona, Sept. 30 and Oct. 1. Read more...

Ifis Mobile app now available

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Private and recreational pilots can now access the latest pre-flight and weather information on their mobile devices, thanks to Airways NZ's development of a mobile extension of the Internet Flight Information Service (IFIS) website.

For more information on the App (called IFIS Mobile) and how to access it, please click on the following link:

Navigation by Dead Reckoning. Keep up the skills

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Pilots and crews from Experimental Aviation Association Chapter 1158 came together at West Bend Municipal Airport in Wisconsin to participate in a navigation challenge using no form of electronics. They were given a "top secret mission" and sent off with clock and compass to plan their routes.


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The latest Vector magazine from CAA should be in your mail box by now. It is sent free to all who have a current aviation document. If you are not an aviation document holder and you would like to pay for a subscription to Vectormagazine, call 0800 GET RULES (0800 438 785).


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14-15 October. Tiger Moth Club Spring Fly-in. Taumaranui. Contact: Graeme Wood 027 293 2318. E:

22-23 October. Aerial Sowing/ Rowley Aviation Reunion. Rangiora. Contact Val Somerville. 03 319 8784. E:

29 October.  FlyingNZ Central Region Competitions. Hawera. Hosted Hawera Aero Club:

5 November. FlyingNZ Cook Strait Regional Competitions. Kapiti Districts Airport. Paraparaumu. Hosted Kapiti Aero Club.

3-6 November. Black Sands 2016.  Raglan. Annual fly-in. Contact. Bruce Cooke 021 1122364. E:

12 November. Flying NZ Alpine Region Competitions. Omaka Aerodrome. Blenheim. Hosted Marlborough Aero Club.

18-20 November. South Island Akro Fest. Omaka Aersodrome. Blenheim. Theme 70 years of the DHC-1 Chipmunk. Contact: Andrew Love. E:

19 November FlyingNZ  Lakes Region Competitions. Balclutha Aerodrome. Hosted South Otago Aero Club.

26 November. FlyingNZ Northern Region Competitions. Mercer Airfield. Hosted by Airline Flying Club.


1 January. Wings over Woodville. Athbey Farm Airstrip. Woodville. $10.00 Lunch. Contact: Colin McMillan 027 451 5817 E: / Athol Sowry 021 157 8293 E:

11-25 January. 51st Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School. Matamata Aerodrome. Info. David Jupp 021 476 676. E:

28 January. Stratford Aero Club Sport Flyers 85th Birthday celebrations. Contact: Nick Fumage. E:

4-6 February. SAANZ Great Plains Fly-in. Ashburton Aerodrome. Summer Fly-in and AGM. Contact: Gavin Magill :09 298 7174. 027 291 0525.

11 February. Healthy Bastards Bush Pilot Champs.  Omaka Aerodrome. Contact Craig Anderson. E:

17-19 February. Wings over Wairarapa. Hood Aerodrome: Masterton. Info:

24-26 February. Air show. RNZAF Ohakea. Marking 80 years for RNZAF as an independent armed service.  ( Awaiting further information).

3-5 March. Tiger Moth Club AGM- Fly-in. Omarama. Contact : Graeme Wood 027 293 2318. E:


Dr Ross St.George, School of Aviation, Massey University.

Electric Planes or "How to beat the fuel tax"

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NASA released a Request for Information on Sept. 16 to gather ideas from aerospace engineers on what the agency's next electric-hybrid airplane might look like. "This request is about feeling out how much larger people think they can go," said NASA's Starr Ginn.

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