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Happy New Year to everyone.

I said this newsletter would be late and it is. Time over the holidays is precious when families get together with this one being our turn to host the kids and grandkids and dogs for the Christmas feast. It is good to see them and just as good to see them go. However we would not change it for all the tea in China.

Great news with the FAA medical reform rule getting finalised. This is the basis of what we want in New Zealand and in fact all over the world. It is why AOPA NZ is putting a big effort into this over the next year. Steve Brown (our resident Doctor) is driving this reform for us and we have meetings scheduled for next week to help CAA in their analysis of the reform. If we can get what USA has achieved it will be fantastic. Steve will also be working with the Australian AOPA so that we have a common goal.

You have heard me going on about SBAS for NZ and Australia over the last 3 years so that we can be equal to USA and Europe in our technology. Well we have made a huge step forward with the Australians putting $13m and NZ putting $2m into a trial on a system to cover NZ and Australia. This has been a huge task getting Governments interested in it and it is the Intelligent Transport sector that has finally got it over the line. What it means for aviation is we will have the integrity and accuracy to use GNSS (GPS) in all phases of flight including vertical guidance equivalent to an ILS at any runway in the country. It is free to air and available to all that want it.

I have a meeting with Graeme Harris (Director CAA) on the 25th to look at issues that are of a concern to us and to look at where we are going in the future. Mike Groome, Chairman of the Aviation Community Advisory Group, (ACAG) along with John Nicholson from Aviation New Zealand will be with me and we will cover a wide range of topics that affect how we are moving forward in the future. This is not about dollars and cents but more about the big picture and process.

This is followed by two days of New Southern Sky meetings which should be very interesting considering what we will discuss with Graeme.

It was very sad to read that Nick Calavrias, the Chairman of Aspeq Ltd (ASL) was killed in a road accident at Taupo while riding his bike. Nick was a member of AOPA but was also the Federation appointed Chairman of the Aspeq Ltd board. I have had a lot to do with Nick over the last 3 years and his input into Chairing the board of the company has been enormous. He was well known in business circles through his 20-year role as CEO of Steel and Tube Ltd being awarded the ONZM for his services to business.

We need you to register for the AGM and the Breakfast boat trip as well as the golf.  It is coming up fast and this year our guest will be Craig Spence, the Secretary General of International AOPA. Craig is out here inspecting the venues for the 2018 IAOPA event.

Go onto the website and check out what is coming up plus the new webcams site that will give you an idea of the weather you may be flying into.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays and fly safely

Ian Andrews 

FAA Medical reform

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As news of the third class medical reform final rule was released Jan. 10, pilots started contacting AOPA's Pilot Information Center for more details pertaining to their specific flying situation. "Much of the general aviation community is ecstatic about BasicMed," AOPA President Mark Baker said of the new alternative to medical certification. "May 1 can't get here soon enough!" Many want to know how they can prepare in advance to take full advantage of the benefits of the rule May 1. AOPA has analyzed the rule and offers answers to the top 10 questions pilots are asking. Read more...

At a Glance  Medical reform highlights

Aircraft specifications: Up to six seats, up to 6,000 pounds (no limitations on horsepower, number of engines, or gear type)

Flight rules: Day or night, VFR or IFR

Passengers: Up to five passengers

Aeromedical factors: Pilots must take a free online course every two years and visit their personal physician every four years

Altitude restriction: Up to 18,000 feet msl

Airspeed limitation: 250 knots indicated airspeed

Pilot limitation: Cannot operate for compensation or hire

GA makes Gains in the States

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Advocacy for aviation in the states moves forward on many fronts. Challenges change from year to year, but top priorities for AOPA's state advocacy team always include ensuring that general aviation airports are funded at appropriate levels, keeping aviation taxes reasonable, and working to expand the access GA aircraft provide to business and personal travel. Read more...

The next toy for the Boy with deep pockets

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A decades-long effort to produce a practical jet pack is closing in on completion, and the JB-10 by JetPack Aviation could reach customers before the end of the year. At least it could reach those willing and able to pay $250,000 to fly like James Bond. JetPack Aviation CEO and test pilot David Mayman briefed AOPA on how to fly a jet pack. Read more...

Piper sells 50 Archers to China

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Piper Aircraft has received an order for 50 Archers from their dealer in China, China Air Shuttle, the company announced this week. The airplanes will be manufactured and certificated at Piper Aircraft’s factory in Vero Beach, Florida, and then shipped to Rizhao, China, where they will be reassembled by a China Air Shuttle affiliate company. Piper will develop delivery center facilities in Rizhao to provide reassembly, training, maintenance and product support for Chinese customers. China Air Shuttle then plans to distribute those aircraft to some of the major flight schools and general aviation companies of the region.

Ruixiang Flight Academy has been announced as the launch customer. The Academy purchased two Piper Seminoles last year, and currently operates the airplanes in its ab initio flight training program. “As part of Piper’s commitment to the training market as well as part of our overall growth strategy, we have increased our presence in the Asia Pacific region,” said Simon Caldecott, Piper CEO, in a news release this week. “As a result of our efforts we are delighted with the increase in fleet sales to Indonesia, Australia and Malaysia

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