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Last time I said that I had a meeting with Graeme Harris on 25th Jan with Mike Groome the ACAG Chairman and John Nicholson from Aviation New Zealand. It was a very good open and frank discussion which we believe opened some doors for further debate.

The key questions and Answers were;

  • CAA Funding review, where are we with this. (A) it is with the Minister to present to cabinet.
  • CAA Act review. (A) it is in the final stages of drafting and legal checking before being introduced as a Bill to Parliament. Then we will go through the select committee process. It sounds promising.
  • ACAG. Can we get more benefit from this forum. (A) Yes, there are membership changes coming and it will be raised in importance.
  • Colour Vision Deficiency. (A) We can expect a clearer set of rules on this but it is still being drafted.
  • New Southern Sky. How is progress. (A) We are all satisfied on the process even if it can be frustrating sometimes.

The New Southern Sky needs some extra comment. I am on the main working group (NSSWG) as well as the Ground based Nav Aid review Panel (GBNARP) along with the future surveillance implementation working group (FSIWG), the flight training sub group (FTSG) and I turn up to another couple of implementation groups as well.

So what is all this about? In short we are providing the aviation plan for the next 10 years with the move to PBN and ADSB.

Do we achieve anything?  You betcha we do. We have some good healthy debates when it comes to GA and nothing gets left untouched.

The GBNARP are reviewing all aids and NDB’s would not be a good investment if you have shares in that old technology. We are establishing how many VOR’s will stay and how that will affect the main trunk route but still provide a backup in the event of a GPS failure.

The future FSIWG are looking at ADSB below flight level 245 now and that will be all of us that will need access to controlled airspace. Trials will be starting soon on some new technology for a cheaper source of ADSB transponders and we will be looking for people to test that equipment.

You may wonder why I am involved in Flight training but there are conditions that may apply to GPS navigation that are better handled in the training area. That is the simple answer.

There is a New Southern Sky Road show on in Hawera on the 3rd Feb and if you are in the area it will be worth attending. See below.

We have an Exec meeting in Blenheim this weekend then it is the AGM in March. So go to the website & register if you have not done so already. It is a good chance to meet new people and this time to play some fun Golf. I will see you there.

I am going to Avalon Airshow to be on a panel for AOPA Australia. Steve Brown is also hoping to get there and we will be meeting the AOPA medical team to look at a common medical similar to the FAA one that we can promote as an ICAO PPL Medical.

Fly safely

Ian Andrews

New Southern Sky Road Show

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The NSS Roadshow is coming to Taranaki on Friday 3 February 2017.

Where:  Hawera Aero Club, Waihi Road, Hawera

When:   5.30pm - 7pm

The NSS team will:

Brief you on the national benefits of the NSS Programme.

Outline what’s involved in the current stage of the programme, including the NZ aviation system 2023 Concept of Operations (CONOPs), the national Ground Based Navigation Aid Strategy, the national Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Plan and the Future Surveillance project (including ADS-B).

Inform you of proposed mandates for ADS-B.

Give you an opportunity to get information directly from the NSS team about the impacts of the programme on the part of the aviation sector that you are involved in.

This event will be of interest to all aviators in the local region, but especially those who will operate in controlled airspace and particularly if you are an IFR flier.

To confirm your attendance please email Matthew Matthews at the Hawera Aero Club at

Light refreshments will be available.

Diamond announces transitions

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A new investor from China will own 60 percent of Diamond Aircraft Industries Inc., based in Canada, and the transaction detailed in a Dec. 20 letter to owners and distributors will transfer production of some existing models in the Diamond line from Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH, of Austria, to the firm in Canada; both companies will continue to produce airplanes under the Diamond Aircraft brand. Read more...

Rescuers reach downed Cirrus

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Radar analysis by the Civil Air Patrol quickly led rescuers to a Colorado couple's downed Cirrus SR22 after an aerial reconnaissance crew spotted the two amid two-to-four-foot-tall snow drifts in the state's rugged Flat Tops Wilderness Area Jan. 8. The couple was "dangerously close to sliding off a cliff," according to a KUSA television report. Read more...

Systems and Procedures

Lots of aircraft have their quirks—subtle differences between similar models. That doesn't make them unsafe, as long as pilots know the equipment and how to operate it. Read more in this special report from the AOPA Air Safety Institute.

Temperamental Ignition

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During a trip from the West Coast to the East Coast in his Cessna 310, Opinion Leaders blogger Mike Busch discovered a problem with his ignition system that proved difficult to pinpoint. After changing sparkplugs and inspecting the magnetos, Busch traced the problem to the ignition harness. Find out what he learned. Read more...

IAOPA 2018 Assembly in Queenstown

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It is only just over a year away so you must start thinking now.

This will be an AOPA NZ showcase event with a lot of interesting presentation and some great social events.

Then followed by Warbirds over Wanaka with a deal for AOPA members.

Check out the website at 

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