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June 2014

A 'New Approach' from AOPA NZ

We are always looking to improve your benefits and experience as a member of AOPA NZ and this is a new way to keep in touch with the latest news from NZ and overseas. It is our intention to produce Short Approach monthly with lots of links to articles and news items that you can chose to follow or just read the headline. In time you will see the reason we have called it Sort Approach but you are going to have to wait for that to be revealed.

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Presidents Comment

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I have just been in Canberra at an Australian Strategic Air Traffic Management Group (ASTRA) PBN working group meeting.  Chaired by Airservices Australia but attended by all sectors of the aviation community. This time Kevin Bethwaite and Greg Perris from Airways NZ attended also and we all stayed on to attend an Astra Council meeting the next day. The benefit of these meetings cannot be underestimated as we move into the next generation of navigation systems and air traffic management. We need to cooperate closely and assist each other in getting things right. Kevin has been with airways for 47 years and has a great understanding of what is required for both the big guys and us little guys in GA. He is a keen Glider pilot so can appreciate the challenges we face as new systems come into play. Like, how do you get it ADSB equipment into a weight and power restricted glider. So much of what is happening in our new world of performance based navigation had its origins with Kevin and his team. They spread out charts on a table and said “now that we have GPS what can we do better”. I consider myself lucky to be invited to these meetings as it gives me a wider appreciation of things that ultimately affect all aviators right down to the microlights and remote piloted aircraft.

Ian Andrews

Dr Dave Baldwin GA Champion

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Many of you will have met the larger than life Dr Dave. He is hard to track down but this time I found him in the early hours while doing medicals at Motueka. Dave is very grateful to get this GA Champion award as it helps him promote his Healthy Bastards campaign that is essentially for mens health and not just to do with aviators. He has had recognition from the Minister of Health for his efforts in this field and he really is passionate about it. It was our pleasure to give the award jointly to him and the Marlborough Aero club for their efforts in the short landing competition at Omaka.

Industry encouraged by FAA's willingness to discuss sleep apnea policy

The Federal Aviation Administration recently distributed draft revisions to its controversial policy to screen pilots for sleep apnea among aviation industry stakeholders. Industry advocates say they are encouraged by the FAA's willingness to discuss the issue. "[W]e believe the FAA's decision to discuss draft revisions to its OSA proposal marks a good first step in the right direction toward a constructive dialogue about the plan," said National Business Aviation Association President and CEO Ed Bolen. General Aviation News (4/30)

Slovenia's Pipstrel exceeds FAA LSA standards

Pipistrel, a light sport aircraft manufacturer based in Slovenia, reports that a Federal Aviation Administration LSA operations audit in February showed the company exceeds industry standards. "Meeting the highest safety standards and compliance with the rules and regulations is essential in the global market," said Ivo Boscarol, Pipistrel owner and CEO. General Aviation News (5/19)

Continental Reports High Demand for Diesels

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11 Apr 2014 Australian Flying Magazine     

Continental Motors Group is reporting high demand and reliability for its range of diesel aero engines.

At a briefing at Aero 2014 at Friedrichshafen this week, the Chinese-owned company said it had delivered more than 4000 new Centurion diesels since production started in 2002, claiming the market lead with more engines delivered than all other manufacturers of diesel aero engine combined.

Over the last year, CMG's figures showed the Centurion 2.0 engine had only 0.61 inflight shut-downs per 100,000 flying hours. The time logged by Centurion users has risen to over 4 million.

“The fuel-efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly Centurion diesel engines became a success story in a challenging market environment," said Ken Suda, Managing Director and President of Continental's German operating unit, Technify. 

"Since the start of production, more than 4,000 new engines of the models Centurion 1.7, Centurion 2.0 (both with 99 kW power), and Centurion 2.0s (with 114 kW power) have been manufactured and delivered. A fleet of well over 2,600 aircraft has been equipped with them.”

EU Parliament adopts GA friendly resolution

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Can we do the same?

The European Parliament has given general aviation its biggest boost in modern times with the adoption of a resolution which guides the EC and member states to adopt a raft of principles which would preserve, foster and promote GA across Europe. Resolution 2008/2134(INI) sets out the importance of keeping legislation in proportion, recognising the differences between CAT and GA in setting fees and charges, ensuring that GA has access to airports and airspace and accepting that GA has a vital role to play in Europe's transport infrastructure.

The resolution, adopted by a huge margin - 524 votes in favour, 74 against and six abstentions - now forms the basis of the European Commission's approach to general aviation. The Commission is in turn the boss of EASA, which will find it very difficult to ignore the new landscape for GA. In addition, national AOPAs can now use it in negotiations with their own CAAs to ensure that GA is treated fairly.

The full document can be seen by clicking on this link. It includes 35 clauses, each of which represents a major breakthrough for GA, addressing nearly every major issue impacting on general aviation today; access to airfields and airspace, proportionality in regulation and charges and appropriate technology requirements. It calls on the EC to recognise the important role that GA plays in the training of professional pilots.

New Cessna Game Changer

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The Jet a fuelled Turbo skylane JT-A is a piston pilot’s dream. A game-changer of an Aircraft, the Turbo skylane JT-A has a revolutionary engine that can fly using up to 40% less fuel for unprecedented fuel economy. Not to mention the stability, performance and ease of transition of its predecessors.

A true cross-country performer, the Turbo skylane JT-A has an 87 gallon usable fuel supply – enough to carry you nonstop from Chicago to Orlando. It flies at altitudes up to 20,000 feet, while packing a useful load of over 1,000 pounds and cruising up to 156 ktas.

Just as impressive as its performance capabilities are, the Turbo skylane JT-A’s Dna comes directly from the model 182’s proven track record for reliability and safety. The latter of which is bolstered by the Garmin G1000 all-glass avionics suite. This advanced flight deck provides the pilot with enhanced situational awareness and is the same state-of-the art system used in other Cessnas, including the Citation Mustang. Yet, despite these state-of-the-art features and impressive performance capabilities, the Turbo skylane JT-a costs less to operate, all due to its new SMA compression ignition engine. After all, the less you spend getting there, the broader the opportunities once you arrive.

Cessna Maintenence Variation Programme

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The Cessna Maintenance Variation Programme has been running successfully for several years now. The AOPA exec believe that it is appropriate to periodically review this document to ensure it keeps up with changing maintenance requirements. As part of this review we would very much like to hear from members using the CMVP as to how it is working for you and any additions or alterations you may like to see. It would also be of interest to hear from members with Cessna aircraft who do not use this variation programme as to what they use. Please contact Hamish Ross by email,

Recreational Back Country Pilots Association

Over the last 22 months there has been a lot of time and effort expended by Nigel Griffiths and his team to get a satisfactory undertaking from DOC for a 10 year concession to fly into a myriad of back country strips. The RBPA was started by members of the 180/185 club so that DOC had an incorporated society to deal with. AOPA NZ has supported RBPA both financially and through Shaun Gilbertson to achieve a result that some thought virtually impossible. The department has been very responsive and the outcome is fantastic. To access these strips you will need to belong to the RBPA, which has a discounted membership for AOPA members. Contact Nigel at to become a member and check out the 180/185 club website at 

Chinese market offers growth potential for small aircraft manufacturers

For the first time, aircraft manufacturer Piaggio Aero Industries SpA could build airplanes outside of Italy. The company is looking to set up a joint venture in China, the latest of numerous small aircraft manufacturers to do so. The aviation industry is following the model that automakers set up some 20 years ago, which eventually turned China into the world's largest market for automobiles. Reuters (6/9)

Cirrus Aircraft announce a sole distributor for New Zealand

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Avcraft Engineering, based at Fielding Aerodrome, were confirmed as the authorised Cirrus Service Centre earlier in the year and have now been appointed as the sole NZ distributor through their trading arm Cirrus Aircraft New Zealand.

Sales Manager for the operation is Bruce Brownlie, a long time member of AOPA NZ and experienced GA pilot with a background in sales and marketing. Bruce will take delivery of the new SR22 GTS demonstrator in August and will complete a certified Cirrus instructor course as all purchasers will require mandatory instruction.

GA is alive and well in NZ. Visit their web site at;  

A New Benefit for Members

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This company is distributing oils for the major oil companies and is offering AOPA NZ members a 25% discount on your purchases. Have a look at their website and you will see what they have to offer. Oil is shipped freight free to your place and you will be provided with a card with your member number and purchase order number on it. Pay direct by credit card or you can run a monthly direct debit account. Why not try them out.

We hope you enjoyed this new look newsletter. If you have any suggestions or comments please let us know, good or bad. 

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