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June was what could be called a “winning month”. The junior All Blacks, Rowers, Kayak slalom, Black Ferns, Team New Zealand, Women’s ARC flying race, Rocket Lab, Lorde and the list goes on. Without getting swollen headed about it Kiwis seem to do extremely well in all fields of endeavour from sport to business to entertainment. It does make you proud to be a New Zealander.

I had a call to Craig Spence in the USA on Tuesday and the first thing he said was how our women’s race team of Dee Bond and McKenzie Krutsinger, as Team Kiwi Express, had just won the AOPA Air Race Classic. That was a few hours after NZ won the Americas cup but Craig did not know that at the time. Details on the air race are at this link.

One of our good members, Katie Milne has just been elected as the first Woman President of Federated Farmers, so look out guys the testosterone is getting watered down and I must say “about time”. Congratulations to Katie.

The New Southern Sky (NSS) have produced a one page document as a guide for Performance Based Navigation (PBN) which simplifies and puts in plain language what is happening with our navigation system. It is worth read and AOPA had a significant input into it.

At our Executive meeting yesterday we discussed the summer safari for 2017 and Graeme Donald is going to lead this with an event in the southern North Island. It was felt that we really needed to have this as not everyone will come down to the Queenstown IAOPA World Assembly. Graeme will put the program together over the next short while and we will get it up on the website ASAP. It will be based out of Fielding so start planning.

The Winter Fly-in at Alexandra is looking good with about 120 people booked to go. Just need the weather to be good and it will be on. The organisers will advise this week.

The Aviation Community Advisory Group (ACAG) is having its annual meeting in Hamilton on 25th July. It will be held as part of the Aviation New Zealand Conference at the Distinction Hotel Starting at 2PM. Details are on the CAA website. ACAG is getting stronger all the time and is a significant contributor to the CAA issues and rule making process.

The PPL Medical review consultation has closed and I am told there were 296 submissions. These will now be collated by CAA and then discussed with ACAG before going any further. AOPA will be strong on this proposal and we are putting it high on our must do list. Steve Brown is following the matter closely and it will be a prominent part of the IAOPA World Assembly next year. We are putting together a panel of Regulators from around the world to discuss issues that affect GA on a worldwide basis. Things like aircraft certification, avionics certification, red tape reduction Medical review for PPL plus other issues that are affecting GA. CAA are being very supportive of this initiative and I am looking forward seeing the makeup of the final panel together. Craig Spence is working on this for IAOPA. There is still time to register and come along to what will be an exciting event.

It is winter now so watch the weather closely and don’t take unnecessary risks. There was a light aircraft on an Angel Flight in South Australia that crashed last week. The police described the weather in Mount Gambier on Wednesday morning as “foggy and cold and wet”, and called the crash “extremely tragic”. I wonder if it could have been avoided by just waiting on the ground for a bit longer or just not going.


Fly safely

Ian Andrews





Inmarsat News

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This is a story from the Inmarsat website about one of our Kiwis that plays a big part in the international scene and makes your ability to use the internet at 40,000 feet a reality.

Rachel Donald

To: Back to the home office in the beautiful provincial city of New Plymouth, on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

From: Feilding — a small town in lower North Island.

Mode of Transportation: A home-built Glister Sportsman (ZK-SPO). Built by my father Graeme — 18 months, and 12,000 rivets later!

Travel Time: One-hour flying time. (Compared to three hours in the car!)

Quote:  I’m privileged to be able to fly on many types of aircraft, including Emirates’ A380 17-hour flights (AKL-DBX) and Air New Zealand’s AKL-LAX B777s. None, however, are as fun to fly as ZK-SPO!  

New Southern Sky

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Just a small video about how GA sees the efforts of the NSS team.

Also what has been produced to take the mistry out of Performance Based Navigation. There are no mirrors and no smoke just plain speaking definitions. 

It is well worth a read and AOPA NZ had a significant input into the description.


The Farmer who flew in the wars

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Quite a story about one of our Members. Well worth reading.




Canadian Women In Aviation Conference

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The Canadian Women in Aviation Conference brought together women just starting out in their careers and women who pioneered the career paths they will follow in Canadian commercial aviation. "I know that we have kind of had a struggle getting there, but now that we are here, it is just such an inspiration to me just to see these women, how many there are sitting in this room right now," said Stephanie Hepburn, 21, who is the only woman in her class at Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre in Ontario.

CBC News (Canada)

AOPA US to Co-Chair GPS outage study

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AOPA will co-chair an industry committee the FAA has called upon to study the impact of intentional GPS outages on flight operations—a growing concern as the air traffic system becomes more dependent on satellite-based navigation. Read more >

Mark Baker gives his side of AOPA US Wins

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AOPA was founded 78 years ago on the principles of keeping general aviation accessible and affordable. While the challenges have evolved, the mission remains the same: Ensure the future of GA by keeping flying safe, fun, and accessible to all. AOPA President and CEO Mark Baker details his priorities for AOPA, what he sees as the most important wins over the past few years, and his vision for AOPA and GA. Read more >

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