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August 2017 Short Approach

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It must be winter because it has been a light month for meetings as far as AOPA is concerned. Probably the most significant event for Jill and I was the arrival of our first Granddaughter on 5th July. I assume she will be a pilot as our daughter Phillipa (the mother) has a PPL. Maybe I will have to retain a plane for a while yet.

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A significant event during the month for many pilots is the refund of the RPL fee for those that have a commercial or ATPL licence. This caught me by surprise as I had no idea it was in the wind. I understand that GAA had a hand in this and that is a good result for a lot of pilots. Those with RPL Helicopter and RPL fixed wing managed to get 2 refunds. The timing seems to coincide with the bill for the participation levy from CAA so it will be a bit easier on the pocket this year.

The Aviation Community Advisory Group (ACAG) had a meeting in July where we aired some concerns with CAA about lack of engagement on some issues regarding rule changes. Graeme Harris is committed to the success of ACAG so a few promises have been made and we are going to go forward with a positive approach to how we do engage earlier in the process.

Mike Groome from Taupo resigned as Chairman of ACAG after 15 years’ service including 7 as Chairman. Mike has done a great job and a new Chairman will be elected at the next meeting. ACAG also had its annual meeting at the Aviation NZ conference where the 3 elected positions went to Paul Drake, Qwilton Beal and Bruce Robertson from Timaru. I am looking forward to our next meeting to put the new regime to the test.

The Winter Fly-in at Alexandra went well albeit with a little hiccup at the coffee shop. No injuries is always a great outcome. I heard that some found the 7 am breakfast in negative degrees temperatures a bit daunting so elected to stay in bed a bit longer and follow the field later. Not pointing fingers as I would have joined them. A great event that is well set in our AOPA schedule and it is amazing how often the weather plays the game giving great flying weather. Unfortunately, Jill and I had to be in ChCh that weekend so missed it but last weekend we had a fantastic flight in FMS down to ChCh.  Low level up the Wairau and over Island pass to Hanmer then on to CH with snow all over the backcountry. Winter flying really is magical and a high of 1028 hpa made it smooth as you know what.

Last Thursday was a New Southern Sky Working Group (NSSWG) meeting where the progress on the ADSB trials with Low Power units (LPAT) was discussed. A feasibility study by Becca and cost benefit analysis will be finished soon. There is a real commitment to getting solutions for GA VFR that will be cost effective. ADSB has a lot to offer if they deploy the system for low level coverage. The first phase of implementation by Airways will be commissioned this year and full coverage by end of 2019. NSSWG will be holding road shows around the country starting in the North Island on 20th November and continuing South until 30th November. We will publicise the dates and this is the way for you to have input and to find out what is happening in the performance based navigation (PBN) area including ADSB surveillance, avionics certification and a multitude of changes to our aviation system that will be coming in the next few years. Have a look at the NSSWY key Messages further down this bulletin. I have added some acronym definitions for you.

That about covers the month that was and I am off to Noosa for some sun on Friday.

Fly safely and don’t bust airspace.

Ian Andrews 

AON PLB Winners

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Thank you AOPA for your support with the PLB Promotion

And the winner is Ian & Marg Galloway

Attached is a photo of Ian and Marg with their ACR ResQLink Personal Locator Beacon

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Aon Aviation is dedicated to providing comprehensive risk and insurance solutions to the aviation industry.

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Terrafugia Flying Car sold to Chinese

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Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, a Chinese conglomerate that owns the Volvo and Lotus automobile brands, has agreed to buy the Terrafugia flying-car company, according to a report in the South China Morning Post. The XConomy Boston website also reported on the sale, saying they have “independently been tracking rumors about the acquisition.” Terrafugia CEO Carl Dietrich declined to comment on the stories for AVweb on Wednesday, but said the company would issue a news release soon. Read More

I find this very interesting with the latest Volvo announcment that all their cars will be either Electric or Hybrid from 2019. Follow that with the Chinese Mandate of 12% new cars to be EV by 2020 and we are moving in the right direction.

Airways Chair Judy Kirk announces appointment of new CEO

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Airways NZ is delighted to announce the appointment of Graeme Sumner to the role of CEO. 

“This is an extremely positive move for Airways NZ and I’d like to congratulate Graeme on his appointment,” said Judy Kirk, Airways Board Chair. “Graeme is well qualified and I am confident that he’ll continue to strengthen the business and ensure safety and Airways’ people remain a priority.”

Graeme, an experienced CEO, brings 27 years’ experience from the energy, transport, telecommunications, mining services and medical technology industries. Graeme is currently Managing Director of Advanced Braking Technology based in Melbourne. Prior to this Graeme held CEO roles with Service Stream in Melbourne and Transfield Services in Auckland. 

Graeme, a New Zealander, is recognised for his commercial experience and extensive expertise in leadership, technology, and change management.

Graeme Sumner said, "I'm looking forward to working with an organisation that makes such an important contribution to the local and international aviation industry.”

Graeme will join Airways on Monday 9 October 2017 and will work from the Airways office in Auckland.

“The Airways Board and I look forward to working with Graeme,” says Judy Kirk.

Coming events

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22 July. Dawn Fly In. Golden Bay Flying Club. Takaka. Info: Ryley Flemming 0274179568 E:

30 July. Hawkes Bay and East Coast Aero Club. Fly-in. Hastings/Bridge Pa. Contact: 06 879 8466. E:

20 August. Hawera Aero Club. Dawn Fly-in.  Contact: E:  :

9-10 September. 100 years of Brodie Family Flying. Rangitata Island. Contact 03 693 8675. E:

9-10 September. Bridge Pa Tail Dragger Weekend.  Hastings Aerodrome. Hawkes Bay and East Coast Aero Club. 06 879 8466.

13-15 October. Tiger Moth Spring Fly-in. Taumaranui. Contact: Graeme Wood 027 293 2318. E:

21-22 October. Taupo Gliding Club 50th Anniversary. Centennial Park-Taupo. Info: E.

4-5 November. Black Sands Fly-in. Raglan. SAANZ . Contact : Bruce Cooke 021 11 22

23-26 November. South Island Akro Festival. Omaka Aerodrome. Aerobatics fly-in. Andew Lowe 021 818 816. E:


3 February. Healthy Bastards Bush Pilot Champs.  Omaka Airfield. Contact: Craig Anderson. 029 8904910. E:

AOPA Summer Gathering at Fielding and Gisborne 22nd February 2018

2-4 March. Tiger Moth Club. AGM Fly-in. Whitianga. Contact: Graeme Wood: 027 293 2318. E:

9-11 March. SAANZ Sport Avex. Waipukurau Airfield. Contact: Evan Wheeler. 021 924807. E: or Clem Powell . 0275 999273 E:

25 - 29th March 2018 IAOPA World Assembly Queenstown 

30 March – 1 April. Warbirds over Wanaka. Wanaka Airport. E:

Short Final from Avweb

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Cessna XYZ:  Ground, Cessna XYZ requests taxi.

Ground:  Cessna XYZ, do you have Charlie?

Cessna XYZ:  Uh, no. I'm solo today.

Ground:  No, no, Cessna XYZ, do you have ATIS information Charlie?

Cessna XYZ:  Uh, Ground, I'm just a country boy. I don't know about that big city stuff.

 After that, Ground just chuckled, gave him the information and cleared him on his way. 

Aero Electric 4 Seater coming.

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Aero Electric Aircraft Corp. plans to build a four-seat version of its all-electric airplane, the company announced at EAA AirVenture this week. The Sun Flyer 4 will have a payload of 800 pounds for pilot and passengers, the company said. “The four-seat airplane will have operating costs five times lower than costs associated with similar combustion-engine aircraft,” said George Bye, CEO of AEAC. “With four hours of flying time, the versatile Sun Flyer 4 will appeal to both flight schools and pilot-owners.” Read More

Italian Vulcanair to replace the C172?

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Three years ago during AVweb’s Aero coverage, we reported on a new four-place training aircraft from the Italian company Vulcanair. This week at AirVenture, the company showed the airplane in the U.S. for the first time. The Vulcanair 1.0 looks a lot like a Cessna Skyhawk because it’s intended for the same market: training.

But Vulcanair is aiming to be aggressively price competitive in setting the stick price at $259,000 complete, with a Garmin G500 IR suit. The engine is Lycoming’s 180-HP IO-360 equipped with a constant speed prop, so Vulcanair claims it’s a bit faster than the Skyhawk in cruise and climbs better, too.

Max takeoff is 2446 pounds with a useful load of 882 pounds, according to Vulcanair’s Remo Defeo, who we interviewed for this AVweb video this week during AirVenture. The 1.0 is already certified and selling in Europe and is expected to receive U.S. approval by the end of 2017

New Southern Sky

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  • System Safety Criteria – The importance of the NSS System Safety Criteria to the programme was re-emphasised. If a project complies with the criteria it can proceed.  If a project does not comply with the criteria, a safety case will need to be submitted. This may also apply to components of capability that operate safely in the current system, but need to be evaluated from a safety perspective in the new system.
  • Complexity and Density – A task is underway to understand exactly what complexity and density means in the NZ FIR.  This will produce guidance for all. It is not a formal regulatory tool. It has particular relevance to informing the non-cooperative part of the contingency surveillance system that will back up the ADS-B capability.
  • The PBN Regulatory Framework – Working Group stakeholder input is imperative to getting the rules around PBN right. A half day workshop will be held in December for the Working Group.
  • GBNA Review Panel – MoT provided an update on the work of the GBNA Review Panel. A draft paper will be released to the Review Panel members shortly for comment. The Panel is on schedule to provide recommendations on the MON and Contingency use of GBNA before the end of the year.
  • Safety Benefits Metrics – The NSS Governance Group requires the programme to develop safety metrics related specifically to measuring the safety benefits that NSS capabilities are delivering. The most promising development route for this is offered by the UK CAA Bow Tie methodology, much of which is currently available on the UK CAA website. A short workshop will be arranged to take this forward.
  • GNSS Interference – NSS has set up a GNSS monitoring station at Auckland airport. This measures interference on the civil GPS frequency. This is part of a wider global trial and will contribute in the navigation domain to the evidence based approach the programme is taking. It is not an operational capability.
  • RAIM – The RAIM project will be released soon. It has determined that, based on ICAO criteria, RAIM holes lasting beyond 5 minutes, are common occurrences over NZ. However, operators are not reporting any related operational issues. A proposal on how to deal with ICAO RAIM requirements will be taken forward by the programme with NSS Working Group support.
  • SWIM – The SWIM sub-Group has drafted a SWIM discussion paper, which identifies agreed priorities. In parallel, demand driven trans-Tasman activity is underway to address current operational problems, based on Airways, Airservices, airlines and airport capabilities. An assessment by the sub-Group of the value propositions of parallel capability development may be useful.

PBN = Performance based Navigation

GBNA = Ground based navigation aid  (VOR)

GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite Systems

RAIM = Random integrity monitoring (of the satellite)

SWIM = System wide information management

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