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November 2017 Short Approach

From the President

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We have a new Government!

How will that affect the work we do with CAA? 

Frankly, probably not a great deal. We know that the Minister for Transport is Hon Phil Twyford with Associate Minister Hon Shane Jones who also holds the position of Minister for Infrastructure. Then there is the Support Party Associate Minister for Transport Julie Anne Genter so at this stage we have no idea who will be the main point of contact. I have an ACAG (Aviation Community Advisory Group) meeting on the 7th  November so I expect to know by then.

Other Ministers that will affect the work we do will be the Minister for State Owned Enterprises who is the Deputy PM, Hon Winston Peters and the Minister for Agriculture Hon Damien O’Conner.  Hon Winston Peters will be involved in any dealings with the Minimum Aviation Infrastructure proposal I am pushing as it will involve Airways Ltd and Hon Shane Jones as Minister for Infrastructure will also be included in that issue.  Infrastructure will be involved in the SBAS proposal which has the trial underway now. That is also where Hon Damien O’Conner will be involved with the use of SBAS in precision agriculture. There is work to be done in all these areas but I do not see any significant changes in the wind.

Aviation is a part of the NZ economy that really does not cause too many issues for the Government. It is safe, well regulated, funded by the user pays principle and does not have many visible signs of discord within the industry. There are issues, but mainly nothing that the public gets too concerned about so sometimes it is hard to get the attention we deserve. The Auckland Airport backlogs last week held the public’s attention for a couple of days but are readily forgotten as time goes on.

When a Government changes we have delays in getting things done but the work still goes on in the background. Our next ACAG meeting will be interesting as we have made some great steps forward in our input to the rules development process with a slightly revised Terms of Reference being up for approval. Our industry input is respected by CAA and this is a good forum for our industry to contribute.

The new 2 yearly Review of Airworthiness is now law. Unfortunately, a few of you were still caught with the old ARA but from here on there are significant benefits for aircraft owners. There is a joint CASA / CAA Medical meeting this month that Steve Brown will attend. The PPL medical reform will be discussed at the next Medical Meeting on 23rd November but this is still a way off for any decisions.

I have just come from a Nelson Airport security meeting. Nelson handles over 1 Million pax per year making it the largest regional airport in NZ. Sometimes we have delays and people everywhere but generally customer flow is well organised. We are lucky in NZ that our security at regional airports is well under control without excessive screening or delays. Don’t forget that you need Security ID’s or carry your pilots licence and wear Hi Viz vests these days at regional airports.

The Executive are meeting in Wanaka this weekend and we have a meet and greet on Friday night at the Wanaka golf club with details on the website so have a look and come along.

There are the Christmas fly-ins coming up so have a look on the web also and register. They are a good way to start the Christmas season.

Dont forget the PBN Roadshows as detailed below. Come along, learn, listen and contribute your thoughts.

Safe Flying

Ian Andrews


Uncontrolled Airports procedures in Canada

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By JC Audet   Canada has a large number of uncontrolled aerodromes, where no control tower operates. Either the aerodrome does not have a control tower or the Control Tower operates during specified periods. For instance, the CFS might indicate that the tower is closed from 2300 until 0700 daily. The aerodrome then becomes an uncontrolled aerodrome. Depending on the …

Read more.

These are similar to NZ and the lessons must be learnt "pay attention and be on the correct frequency".

Around the world trip

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The final leg in this round-the-world road trip is the most challenging

Coming events other than AOPA

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No:  13   2017

This is not a comprehensive list of AOPA events. Visit the website to get the latest info.

4-5 November. Black Sands Fly-in. Raglan. SAANZ . Contact : Bruce Cooke 021 11 22

12 November. NZ Warbirds Open Day. Ardmore. Info:

23-26 November. South Island Akro Festival. Omaka Aerodrome. Aerobatics fly-in. Andew Lowe 021 818 816. E:

26 November. AOPA Turangi Xmas Fly-in and BBQ lunch. ($15.00). Turangi. Info:  Steve Horne. 09 372 2097/ 027 680 5946.

2 December. AOPA South Island Christmas Lunch ($20.00). Oamaru Airport. Info etc:  Kevin Anderson. 03 489 1838/ 027 222 6465


1 January. New Year’s Day Fly-in. Koputaroa (NZKP). Mid-day. $10.00 lunch. Contact Colin: 027 451 5817. 06 328 7882. E:  Or, Peter 021 804 733. 06 368 7754 E:

6 January. Mercury Bay Aero Club. Open day/ Fly-in. Whitianga.  Contact. Wally Pendray 021 907 782. E:  (Rain day- Sunday)

10-24 January. 52nd Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School. Matamata.  Contact: David Jupp 021 476 676. E:

20 January. Classics of the Sky/ Tauranga Airshow. Gates Open 1.30pm. Info:

27-29 January. NZ Autogyro Association Fly-in. Dannevirke. Info:

3 February. Healthy Bastards Bush Pilot Champs.  Omaka Airfield. Contact: Craig Anderson. 029 8904910. E:

22 February (Start date). AOPA Summer Gathering. 4-5 day flying trip :- Southern and Eastern North Island from Feilding. Info and contact: Graeme Donald: 06 323 1285/021 498 613.

2-4 March. Tiger Moth Club. AGM Fly-in. Whitianga. Contact: Graeme Wood: 027 293 2318. E:

9-11 March. SAANZ Sport Avex. Waipukurau Airfield. Contact: Evan Wheeler. 021 924807. E: or Clem Powell . 0275 999273 E:

30 March – 1 April. Warbirds over Wanaka. Wanaka Airport. E:

Icon Low Altitude flying Guidlines

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In May of this year, two Icon company employees flying an A5 made the error that has been the final mistake for too many seaplane, bush, backcountry and mountain pilots. They entered a canyon from the downhill end, starting below the surrounding ridges. By the time they discovered they were in the wrong canyon they didn’t have room to either climb over the ridges or make a 180-degree turn. They tried to reverse course, hit a canyon wall and were killed.

Icon’s response to the accident was a breath of fresh air. In an open letter from company CEO Kirk Hawkins last week, Icon reiterated that its A5 is built for fun flying and pilots like the thrill of flying low. The letter provided a link to Icon’s new Low Altitude Flying Guidelines

Apart from the great photo of 2 Icons at low level this article is worth a read. Note that all references are to FAA rules and may not be in line with our CAA rules. However some of the guidlines are relevant and should remind us to be very aware in our mountain flying.



Nextgen (PBN) brings noise complaints in US

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Flight-path changes implemented due to NextGen have resulted in noise complaints in neighborhoods across the country, but due to the way the NextGen technology works, it may be difficult to address those conflicts, according to an Associated Press story published this week. David Grizzle, a former FAA chief operating officer, said it’s not possible to redesign procedures to fix the problems without losing out on NextGen’s advantages. Read More



The Healthy Pilot.

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This week, Avweb are launching a new periodic column called “Healthy Pilot.” While BasicMed has simplified the medical authorization needed to fly, it introduces its own challenges in that now you have to self-certify for fitness to fly for much longer periods. Read More

IFR Enroute best use of time.

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Bored and restless in your seat as you wile away the hours on the en route phase of a long trip? Consider the following to keep you alert. Read More

"There is always something to do".  ED.

ADSB-In. A reason to embrace ADS-B out mandate ?

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In a market flooded with higher-end ADS-B receivers, navigation app developer Seattle Avionics announced today the $250 Merlin portable ADS-B device. It's a full-featured ADS-B In receiver (it doesn't have ADS-B Out for mandate compliance) with built-in WAAS GPS, AHRS and dual-channel traffic and weather reception. Read More

CAA PBN Road shows are coming to you.

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New Southern Sky 2017 Roadshow

In November 2017, the NSS team will take to the skies. They'll be touching down in a centre near you, to inform you of the NSS programme, and the initiatives that may affect and benefit you.

North Island
Auckland Airport - Monday 20 Nov 2017
Ardmore - Monday 20 Nov 2017
North Shore - Tuesday 21 Nov 2017
Tauranga - Wednesday 22 Nov 2017
Hamilton - Wednesday 22 Nov 2017
Palmerston North - Thursday 23 Nov 2017
New Plymouth - Friday 24 Nov 2017
Wellington - Tuesday 05 Dec 2017

South Island
Nelson - Monday 27 Nov 2017
Christchurch - Tuesday 28 Nov 2017
Dunedin - Wednesday 29 Nov 2017
Invercargill - Wednesday 29 Nov 2017
Queenstown - Thursday 30 Nov 2017

For more information, and to register for the roadshow, see

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