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February 2018 Short Approach

Presidents blurb.

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January turned into a Missed Approach because I did not take my computer away with me. If you were flying into Wellington today it would also have been a missed approach. I arrived here at about 7.30am and it was fine with light winds but now it has been blowing 65 knots for the last few hours.

Here we are in February with only 11 months to Christmas. Frightening isn’t it. Scarier than that is the fact that it is only 51 days until the World Assembly kicks off. We are in the final stages now and it is pretty much under control. Just tidying up the last printing and getting speakers organised so that from the start it will go smoothly. I am an optimist at heart but once everyone is in Queenstown it should get a life of its own and run smoothly.

We really have a great turnout of international visitors with good interest and participation from the Worlds top regulators. Have a look at the website and view the programme which is finally taking shape. 

I am going to admit to some nepotism here and say that if it had not been for my daughter Phillipa (who is a pilot) and her Husband Aaron’s website company the journey would have been nearly impossible. Phillipa has done all the graphics we need for printing things, made constant changes to the website to update the program and generally made my life easy. We use Team Viewer all the time for working together and she is now juggling a 6-month-old adorable baby as well. I believe we have taken a very professional approach to the publicity which will reflect on AOPA NZ.

Between now and the Assembly we still have to get the Summer Gathering 2018 over plus hold an AGM in Gisborne. Graeme Donald is doing the work for the Gathering and co-opted Granville Jones to do the AGM. We must have the AGM before the end of March and this was the only way to do it with the Assembly also in March. It will be a simple AGM getting the business done. There will be changes to the committee and with approval from the meeting we will delay the transition until after the Assembly. There will be a notice coming out soon from Mary advising of all this.

There is a plea from Graeme Donald below. Also, we need nominations for the AOPA Awards so get them in ASAP so the Life Members can judge them.

Tomorrow is the first New Southern Sky meeting for the year with lots to talk about. I am interested in hearing from anyone that has had trouble getting clearance into controlled airspace while flying VFR. If you have had an issue please drop me an email so that I can get a better idea of what is happening out there then take it to the appropriate person. We should not be stopped from transiting airspace and the controller should be able to vector us to make it happen. We are still battling the installation of equipment into VFR aircraft, trying to get the certification pathway easier and simpler. It will be interesting to hear Pete Bunce from USA who is making a presentation at the Assembly on how FAA is doing it. We also have a speaker from Europe as well to add to the topic. Again, we just want to make our flying safer by using the best equipment available.

Keep up with what is going on by using the website and while you are in there make sure your personal details are correct. Maybe you have changed planes or addresses which we don’t know about. Contact Mary at if you are having trouble.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Gisborne and on the Summer Gathering.

Fly safe

Ian Andrews




Summer Gathering 2018

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Graeme Donald is tearing out the little hair he has left because no-one is sending in the completed form.

Here is what you have to do.

  1. Log on to our website 
  2. Go to events and select Summer Gathering
  3. On the 9th line down from the top select the related file and print it off
  4. Fill it in and send it back to or  


We will make it simpler next time but for now this is the way he needs it.

New Southern Sky Conference

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New Southern Sky Conference

Register now for the second biennial New Southern Sky Conference in Auckland 15/16 May 2018. After the success of our inaugural conference in Auckland in 2016, the NSS team is lining up another fantastic event for the aviation sector. The Conference will span two days and include in-depth sessions on Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B).

To book go to

Approach 18

20 to 21 March 2018, Wellington

The NSS Team, Including Airways and Aeropath will come together again to present Approach 18, following on from the success of Approach 16. It is a two day seminar at the CAA in Wellington where you will be brought up to date with all things in the Performance Based Navigation (PBN) world.

This is not just for pilots. We encourage avionics shops, LAME’s, airport operations staff, air traffic controllers and procedure designers to participate. There will be something for everyone.

Personal Helicopters (VTOL)

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Personal helicopters on display at this year's CES included the SureFly, which looks like a large drone and can carry two people; the Volocopter, which flew above an indoor stage; and Bell's Air Taxi, which will carry four passengers and is still in the concept stage.


Ross St George coming events

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3 February. Healthy Bastards Bush Pilot Champs.  Omaka Airfield. Contact: Craig Anderson. 029 8904910. E:

22 February (Start date). AOPA Summer Gathering. 4-5 day flying trip :- Southern and Eastern North Island from Feilding. Info and contact: Graeme Donald: 06 323 1285  or 021 498 613.

23 February-3 March.  Flying NZ National Competitions. Richard Pearce Airport- Timaru. Info:

2-4 March. Tiger Moth Club. AGM Fly-in. Whitianga. Contact: Graeme Wood: 027 293 2318. E:

9-11 March. SAANZ Sport Avex. Waipukurau Airfield. Contact: Evan Wheeler. 021 924807. E: or Clem Powell . 0275 999273 E:

25-29 March IAOPA Queenstown World Assembly

30 March – 1 April. Warbirds over Wanaka. Wanaka Airport. E:

Boeing invests in Batteries

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HorizonX, Boeing’s innovation team, announced this week it has invested in Cuberg, a Berkeley-based startup developing next-generation battery technology for aerospace applications. "Cuberg's battery technology has some of the highest energy density we've seen in the marketplace, and its unique chemistries could prove to be a safe, stable solution for future electric air transportation," said Steve Nordlund, vice president of HorizonX.


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