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July 2014

CAA announces consultation on pricing to begin

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The CAA has just released a schedule of meetings around the country to begin a review of the November 2012 pricing structure that we opposed at the time.  CAA have said that the review is focused more on re-balancing the CAA's revenues than on increasing revenue. This means that they will be examining the portion of the cost directly attributed to the pilot and balance that with the portion that should be attributed to the public. "User Pays" but who is the "user".  This was the argument we used in our Regulation Review Committee complaint so we can assume that Government may have taken notice after all. 

Read the CAA release here  CAA Funding but rest assured that AOPA will be fighting for some big changes and uniting with all the GA organisations. We will have exec members at all the meetings so come along and have your say. Also there will be a coordinated submission from all GA sectors via the Aviation Federation and we will keep you informed on what we are doing. Email me with any ideas you have.

New Merchandise Products for AOPA NZ

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Shaun Gilbertson has arranged a supply of great new products that you can purchase on line from a supplier in Wanaka. Freighted anywhere in NZ (at a cost) these  quality garments will be a good addition to your wardrobe. There will be a separate page on the website very shortly to allow you to view and contact the manufacturer direct. You can even send your own articles for the AOPA logo to be embroidered.

This link is well worth a look to see what is happening in AOPA Europe

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The European Aviation Safety Agency is planning a conference on GA to take place in Rome on October 15th and 16th under the Italian Presidency of the EU. IAOPA believes that because of fundamental shifts in attitude that EASA is currently showing this conference could represent a pivotal moment for European GA, and Senior Vice President Martin Robinson has offered EASA Executive Director Patrick Ky the association’s full support for the changes he intends to make. Ky is looking at the way in which the UK is trying to improve regulation of GA by cutting red tape, and among those invited to speak at the conference is [Read More]

The Dark side of Maintenance

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Aircraft maintenance has a dark side that isn't often discussed in polite company: it sometimes breaks aircraft instead of fixing them. Mike Busch's latest AOPA Opinion Leader's blog examines the subject of "maintenance-induced failure"... or MIF for short.

Mike Busch is a world leader in aviation maintenance and a strong believer in running lean of peak. His articles are very thought provoking and come from years of experience.

A Flying car ?? will we ever see this?

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Blogger John Petersen is getting excited about GF7, a cross between a business jet and luxury car. Greg Brown, one of the project's designers, told AOPA, "Compared to a traditional business jet, the GF7 will fly as fast in the air with all the comforts and luxury of a high end sedan, and then save between 10-20 minutes interfacing with the airport for each leg, as well as reduce the need to coordinate with multiple entities at each destination." Opinion Leaders.

FAA approves new emergency locator for aviation

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The Federal Aviation Administration approved the ELT 1000, a new emergency locator transmitter for aviation from ACR Electronics. The unit can transmit GPS location data within 100 meters to search-and-rescue workers in less than a minute. GPS World (6/2014)

New Navigation and Airspace Plan Launched

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CAA took great pride in releasing the "New Southern Sky" National Airspace and Navigation Plan last month. The plan was formerly released by Minister Gerry Brownlie to a gathering of invited guests at the Executive Jet hangar in Wellington. This plan has been a few years in the making and will set the direction for the next 10 years at least. It is well prepared and will give the aviation sector a guide for the direction we are heading. There are exciting things happening with a further reliance on GPS and a reduction in ground based aids and radar. There is still a lot of work to be done in educating and implementation of the various policies but this will happen. .


Garmin G3X Touch takes on mountains

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Apple's iPad has conditioned all of us to paw computer screens. Garmin knows resistance to this now deeply ingrained reaction is futile, and the company incorporated a touchscreen into its new, non-TSO, G3X Touch in early 2014. AOPA Pilot Senior Editor Dave Hirschman recently flew a Touch-equipped Carbon Cub on a trip to the Idaho wilderness, and the powerful new avionics system in the mountain surroundings made quite an impression. Read more...

Real GA American Style

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Since 1934, Plymouth Municipal Airport has been churning out pilots, restoring aircraft, and serving the region as a hub for law enforcement, medical, military, firefighting, mosquito spraying, cranberry picking, fish spotting, whale watching, and charity events. The people who make up this vibrant aviation community look forward to meeting you July 12, when the airport will host an AOPA Fly-In. Read more...

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