AOPA Short Approach

April 2018 Short Approach

From your new President

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Whew what a week we had at the IAOPA conference, great time and a wonderful showpiece of New Zealand aviation for our international attendees. However you will see Ian’s roundup; my job is to guide our organisation forward for the rest of the year and into the future.

We have a new exec group following from our Gisborne AGM. Stephen Brown (me) President, Graeme Donald is Vice President and thanks to Graeme for accepting this role (a nomination was withdrawn at last minute). Graeme needs no introduction as he has been our Southern NI exec rep for a number of years. He has been flying for decades and has special interest in Home Built aircraft and facilitating the installation of uncertified gear into GA aircraft.

Geoff Van Asch has been flying since 1991 and is the proud owner of a big wheel cub… and he also built a Murphy Rebel. He has been busy with the Marlborough Aero Club until recently and we are lucky that he has chosen to now put his energy behind AOPA. His accounting skills will come in useful.

Andrew Bowmar has also been a pilot since he was young. He flies a C185 and has been closely involved with the ‘Back Country Fliers’; recently pushing to get permission for access to the landing strip at Masons Bay Stewart Island – the grass strip not the beach. This is still a work in progress but it would be great if we could get access.

Paul Hood is now living part time in Auckland and is going to be the Northern NI representative on our exec.  Paul will be looking to meet with Northern NI members and assess what social events could be arranged and what other services we could provide. Paul is also half way through his IFR training and is going to keep us all informed about how out of date this training is. Watch this space.

Ian Sinclair hails from South Canterbury and has stories from attending fly-away’s with the Kitty Hawk club – our predecessor – which he attended as chid. He is passionate about modernising our avionics and motors.

Murray Patterson started flying in 1975; he has flown countless hours since then and will, I am sure, be flying for many more years. Murray’s passion is the social activities which he very ably facilitates and arranges. Look forward to Murray leading the way with activities not only in his area but all over the country…

 Don Ryder needs no introduction either; he is our longest serving exec member and will be busy pushing the advertising for our mag and assisting with Wellington meetings.

Peter Glaister is our only IFR rated pilot. His experience getting and keeping his IFR rating current will be appreciated by the group looking at this aspect of the rules. ZK-OMT is an institution as she flies into places and through the weather, landing on strips more accustomed to the big wheel brigade.

We have our first meeting on Saturday; we will be spending some time working on the goals and aspirations we all share for AOPA NZ – there are no surprises expected but very much a prioritisation exercise. We are committed to wonderful, safe, social flying events and this will always be a priority for all our executive. We are also committed to continuing the good work we are doing advocating for General Aviation in Wellington. Progress on medicals and aircraft modification rules are never going to happen quickly but we are confident we are making progress.

 As always, all of your exec like to hear from local members, if you have an issue or concern please take the time to email or call.

Fly safe….

Steve Brown President AOPA NZ

Review of the IAOPA 2018 World Assembly

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What a journey!

From an idea four years ago in Beijing to AOPA NZ hosting the 2018 IAOPA World Assembly in Queenstown 25th to 29th March, finishing with an optional tour to Warbirds over Wanaka.

Every event on the social side was a sea of smiles with no complaints. We had 110 delegates at the business sessions and the room was full on all days. The first day was with the regulators of NZ, AU, ICAO and Europe. The main comment to me from the attendees was their amazement at the relationship AOPA NZ has with the regulators. (Not just our CAA).

There was some serious business done and Steve Brown our new President will be busy with the medical reform we are after. You will hear more from us in the next magazine but for now I want to thank the AOPA NZ Executive for their help in supporting the project and also the large contingent of volunteers that helped on the day. My special thanks to Mary Bruce for her mammoth effort on administration. Our sponsors made the event a financial success and our attendees made it a pleasure to be there. The general comment from all was that AOPA NZ raised the bar for future IAOPA Assemblies. This was the largest and best WA to date.

AOPA NZ must continue to hold its place in this largest General Aviation forum in the world to effect change for the better via our regulators. I believe strongly that by being in the room and being respected by our regulators we are making the changes needed to continue our “Freedom to Fly”

Have a look at

and watch the videos from March 29th plus April 5th  as they are well worth the time and go out to over 400,000 viewers worldwide.

Thanks for your support AOPA NZ.      “We done good!”

Ian Andrews

Immediate Past President AOPANZ

The following are excerpts from some of the emails I have received in the last few days. They say it all.

“First, let me congratulate you and the members of AOPA N.Z. for preparing and organizing an excellent event.“

“Thank You and AOPA NZ team for your warm Kiwi hospitality!”

“The event exceeded all our expectations. We especially enjoyed the program and flights at the Nokomai station and Wanaka Warbirds.”

“Thanks for producing a fantastic World Assembly and being the most gracious hosts”

“Let me thank you once again for wonderful WA you and your team organized. I and Zhanna enjoyed every minute in NZ. (from Russia with Love)”

“Thank you for a wonderful event. Best world assembly I’ve ever been to. Congratulations to you and your team.”

Jet and C150 collide

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Two people died when a Cessna 150 collided with a Cessna 525 Citation jet on the runway at Marion Municipal Airport in Indiana on Monday afternoon, the FAA has reported. The C150 was attempting to take off to the southeast, at about 5:09 p.m., when it struck the tail of the Citation, which had just landed from the north. The tail of the jet was shorn off, and the C150 crashed and caught fire. The pilot and passenger in the 150, both from Indiana, were killed. The jet is registered to Avis Corporation, according to the local NewsChannel15. Five people, including the crew, were on board, and none were hurt.


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New Supersonic jet Plane

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NASA has awarded a $247 million contract to Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works to build a piloted quiet supersonic technology demonstrator, with first flight planned for summer 2021, officials announced at a news conference on Tuesday. Peter Coen, manager for the project at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia, said the key element in Lockheed Martin’s design is “a brand-new shape.”


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New Southern Sky Conference

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New Southern Sky Conference
Register now for the second biennial New Southern Sky Conference in Auckland 15/16 May 2018. After the success of our inaugural conference in Auckland in 2016, the NSS team is lining up another fantastic event for the aviation sector. The Conference will span two days and include in-depth sessions on Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B).
The Conference will build on, but be different to the Roadshows and Approach 18. The ‘in-depth’ sessions will include workshops that will feature knowledgeable industry representatives who will be focused on ‘helping you transition’.
The Minister of Transport, the Hon Phil Twyford, will open the Conference on 15 May at the Beca facility, 21 Pitt Street Auckland.
Be part of this. Be well informed. Don’t miss out. You can book for one or both days depending on your interests and commitments. The programme is here: NSS Event Programme
To book your place at this free event (thanks to our generous sponsors) go to NSS Conference

Coming Events

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Go to our website and check what is coming up as there is the Anzac weekend event and Winter fly-in at Alexandra.

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