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August 2014

CAA Funding review

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By now you will have or at least should have been bombarded from us and other organisations about this current round of road shows to discuss the current round of funding review. I can only urge you to attend these road shows and have your say. Details, dates and submission forms are available at this site.

Diesel engines coming of age

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Continental 310-hp diesel flies

Continental Motors Group has been hard at work expanding its diesel line of engines since acquiring the bankrupt Thielert Aircraft Engines line of powerplants in 2013. At EAA AirVenture the Chinese-owned company announced the first flight of yet another new diesel. Read more...  

Avgas or diesel? you decide

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Avgas replacement: Not just octane

After testing more than 3,000 formulas over a 10-year period, Shell Aviation submitted its candidate fuel to the FAA for consideration as a fleet-wide, unleaded avgas replacement in July. Shell officials talked to AOPA about the industry's unprecedented effort to replace leaded fuel. Read more...

More on fuel

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DeltaHawk flies diesel-powered Cirrus SR20 to Oshkosh

After six hours of cruise flight from Florida to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, DeltaHawk Diesel Engines' 180-horsepower diesel-powered Cirrus SR20 still had one hour of reserve on board, pilot Nate Zucker said, despite having a 55-knot headwind part of the way. Read more...

Oshkosh in Pictures from AOPA USA

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A panoply of aircraft drew admirers at EAA AirVenture, from aerobatic showplanes to homebuilders' long-term projects. Check out some of the sights you may have missed in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, or enjoy the show vicariously with this selection of AOPA photographs. Read more...

New Maintenance Book

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Manifesto: A Revolutionary Approach to General Aviation Maintenance is the much-anticipated first book from renowned GA maintenance expert, columnist, teacher and speaker Mike Busch A&P/IA. Written in his typical no-nonsense style, the book sets forth Busch's minimalist, reliability-centered, cost-efficient philosophy of aircraft maintenance and ownership honed over the author's four decades as a aircraft owner, maintenance consultant, and owner advocate.

The printed book costs $14.95 and can be ordered online directly from tat, and also from It is also available as a Kindle eBook for $9.99 from Amazon.

Read a review by AOPA USA Dave Hirschman.

Cessna 172 Diesel coming soon

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Cessna Aircraft will add a Cessna 172 Turbo Skyhawk JT-A in 2015 to its product line that includes a Turbo Skylane JT-A expected to be certified "soon." The company also announced seating options for the Stationair and the first flight of the first production Citation CJ3+ jet. Read more...

Do we need 406 ELTs ?

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Spot simplifies with new Trace tracker

Rather than upping the feature set, as seems to be the norm these days with new products, Spot decided to simplify. The Trace is just a satellite-based tracker, automatically sensing motion and turning on. Could it be the cheapest aviation product at EAA AirVenture? Read more...

International AOPA

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We are part of the larger international AOPA family and some of you may be interested in what happens around the world. The article in this issue on Cessna SIDS was interesting but unfortunately probably too late for us in NZ who had to comply over the last year or so. It does however show that we are not just a small organisation at the bottom of the world.

What have we been doing in NZ ?

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This is not a Presidents report but a bit of a heads up on what we are doing on the executive.

Go to the website and look at the photos of the winter fly-in. Lots of snow and I believe a good time had by all. The magazine is out shortly so it will have good coverage.

Guy is working hard with Z Energy to get a better deal for us. Shaun is just working hard because of the snow but has a bout of pneumonia. He assures me he is OK. Don and Pat in Wellington are busy with Aviation Federation stuff and of course Don plays with his vehicles. Ask Bev some time about midnight trips to Wellington when he leaves the lights on. Graeme has not settled down in Palmerston North since his big Harley Davidson trip in the USA and Steve Brown just hangs about on his boat in the sounds. rumour has it you can catch good blue cod off the jetty. Paul really wants his new C182 JA to arrive soon while Peter Glaister looks after the cows but must need new gumboots as he got the flue before our last meeting. Up North around Auckland way we would like to see more activity from our members. Phill Pacey is there to help but you should be having a few more spontaneous fly-ins and social get togethers. AOPA is about meeting people that love to fly.

Angela Hunter, our new admin exec member, is learning all the acronyms that go with the aviation industry while keeping the boys in control at our meetings. Actually we need some more Women on the executive so think about it and step up at the next AGM which is in Whakatane, the city with almost the most sunshine hours in NZ.

I seem to spend more time in Wellington than Nelson with MoT, CAA, NZAF and the Aviation NZ Summit. Which, by the way, was very good and great networking for AOPA. I made contact with IATA VP Asia Pacific, the World Bank organiser of new aviation infrastructure in the Pacific Islands, all on SBAS. Then last week an Intelligent transport seminar with MoT which involved  SBAS. On top of that add an ACAG meeting on all things aviation plus the funding review and you get the idea that it all happens in Wellington. I will be at many of the road shows so hope to meet some of you there.

Ian Andrews

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