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January 2019

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Short Approach – January 2019.

Hi there from AOPA. We trust you had a break and are ready to head into another year with energy and enthusiasm.  It is one of the things I have learnt over the years is that there is no shortage of opportunity in our world; personal energy and motivation are the limiting factors.  So on that note AOPA is endeavouring to spend its ‘energy’ wisely enhancing ‘our freedom to fly’ to the max.

Wellington has gone quiet since the Christmas party season; though I am sure it will liven up soon. Ian Andrews is working diligently on a number of fronts but the main pressure at the moment is to get substantial financial assistance with the installation of ADS-B transponders. Watch this space.

I wanted to talk about International AOPA today. We got to know Craig Spence well while we were arranging the International conference earlier this year and he has been a great supporter of AOPA-NZ. The latest development in our relationship with IAOPA has been their offer to our current members of a free subscription to the digital version of ‘Flight Training’ magazine. This is a monthly publication sourced from AOPA USA and funded by their organisation. IAOPA has offered the digital version to some AOPA’s around the world and we are on the list….. Don’t be daunted by the ‘training’ label; we as pilots are always learning and when we stop learning we become dangerous.  The magazine is full of stories about pilots learning from experience and sharing their mistakes, plus lots of editorial matter from experienced GA instructors. Great food for thought and it will generate lively discussion. I know not everyone enjoys reading magazines on the screen but it is well worth putting in the effort to get used to this. We have so far resisted the pressure to take the AOPA-NZ magazine digital only as we know many members appreciate the paper copy; but we cannot guarantee it will always be paper…. Let me know your thoughts next time we meet.

Back to ‘Flight Training’ mag, the way to get it is to go to our website and go down to the ‘member benefits’ section on the left and scroll down through the other benefits until you come to ‘IAOPA Global Membership Benefits’.  You will need to know your AOPA-NZ member number, so look that up before you start. I should also mention that this offer gives you access to discounts, online courses, quizzes, videos, and seminars all to help us keep sharp in the air….

I want to also mention the other free services offered by AOPA-USA via their website, ‘’. Many of us enjoy ‘AOPA Live’ with Tom and Melissa; their weekly wander around interesting aviation matters helps to give an international perspective. Plus there is a vast array of other articles and video’s available for everyone to use. It is very encouraging to me to hear that GA flying is undergoing a renaissance in the USA, the simplification of the medical tests with ‘Basic Med’ appears to have been a turning point to get older ex-pilots back into the air plus making new pilots pathway to PPL more affordable. We look forward to this renaissance hitting our shores.

‘Back to Basics’ in Wairarapa at the end of January, is almost upon us; the numbers are looking good and the weather is usually better at that end of the month. If you cannot make it we will be sure to have some stories and photos in the mag.

AGM season is also just around the corner. Have you thought of being nominated to our ‘exec’ or do you know a good person who has energy and ideas – think about filling in a nomination paper then – they will be circulated next month.

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