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March 2019

Presidents Report

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Hi folks,

Well what a week. Words struggle to describe the emotions which we are feeling in the wake of the ‘Christchurch massacre’.  We can no longer deny the existence of a violent and hateful underworld. We will come through this dark time with our resolve to never let the despicable actions of a minority derail our cherished open and trusting community intact. Our sympathies and thoughts go out to all the affected individuals, friends and families; especially to the colleagues and relatives of Ozair Kadir who was murdered on Friday, Ozar was a pilot at Canterbury Aero Club.

Our AGM was a success though the weather and sombre news could have derailed it. Congratulations to the exec members who have stood and been reappointed and to Ivor Yockney who is a new exec member. Thank you also to Peter Glaister who stood down after many years of service to our organisation, well done. AOPA NZ is working well; the mood of the membership has endorsed the directions and efforts we are taking. I am sorry I had to miss the AGM as I had to travel to UK urgently due to family health deterioration. However it is a credit to the teamwork inherent within the organisation that I was able to delegate major tasks at very late notice and the event still ran smoothly. Plus my thanks to all the locals who worked so hard to transport, feed and water our members.

Advocacy is still going ahead at full steam. Our primary push at the moment is with the Ministry and Minister to ensure there is a good GA uptake of ADS-B via a substantial subsidisation of the equipment cost. We need to keep up the pressure and anything anyone can do to assist with this issue will be greatly appreciated.  I have attached the time table of consultation meetings around NZ. Airspace, drones, PBN, access to GA IFR for GNSS equipped aircraft are all making progress. NZ Aviation Federation has the Chair of the CAA board and CAA deputy director of GA attending next meeting – we will report back. Medicals have made progress but are not yet at the stage where public comment can be made – this glacier is moving..

We will soon be reporting on the ‘Road maps’ which we are working on. Road maps to guide us in our journey to simplify IFR, update our avionics, run exciting events and streamline medical standards. Watch this space.

There has been some confusion around the rights of LAME’s to sign off on avionics modifications in home built aircraft. In effect, after queries to CAA, the new rules are just a clarification of the present situation. Home builders can still work on their aircraft and fit appropriate ADS-B transponders but their work needs signing off by an avionics engineer or a LAME with the appropriate ‘ratings’.

I have attached an offer from AON (who kindly sponsored the refreshments at the AGM). The offer is to go into a draw for a high quality headset when you get them to give you a quote on your aircraft insurance.

Best wishes from a wintery Cheshire,

Steve Brown.

President AOPA NZ

AON Lightspeed offer

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Enter the draw to win a Lightspeed Zulu 3 headset, complete with auto shut off, Bluetooth, active noise reduction, and  priority comms.

All you have to do is complete an AON insurance proposal for a quote for aircraft insurance before 30th June 2019. You must be an AOPA member and only one entry per person.


Daniel Gregory         09 362 9145

Craig Ferguson        03 477 6649


CAA ADS-B consultation

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Consultation timetable

737 Neo analysis

Seattle Times

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