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April 2019

An Important Message

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Hi all AOPA NZ Members,

It is a while since I wrote a Short Approach and I am going to keep this one short and to the point.

As of yesterday, there were only 320 submissions in to CAA on the ADSB issue. (Thank you to those that have already done this)

There are over 3,800 GA aircraft yet to be fitted that belong to NZ Aviation Federation members. This includes AOPA.

That means less than 10% think they should get a contribution to the cost.

These numbers go to the Minister and to Cabinet before a decision is made.

Can you realistically expect to achieve a subsidy if over 90% of you, by default, do not want one?

If you do want a chance of getting a contribution read on; Submissions Close on 5th April 2019 and that is tomorrow.

Please, either go to the CAA submission page   and fill in their questionnaire, or

Copy and paste the wording below into an email and send to

I wish to make a submission to the CAA consultation process for the proposed mandate to require all aircraft to remove their existing Mode A/C transponders and fit a Mode S transponder with ADSB Out capability. The proposal in its current form will benefit the ANSP (Airways Ltd) and all the users of the aviation system, which includes all commercial and fare paying passengers. This has been made clear in the EY Consulting Cost Benefit Analysis and is supported by the fact that at Tauranga, the airspace reverts to Class G when the last commercial flight has arrived/departed. Therefore, I consider this should be costed into the entire system as part of the basic infrastructure to ensure safety for all users.

Following are the main points of my submission.

  1. The proposed ADSB mandate for aircraft below FL 245, in its present form, will be a significant burden to all GA aircraft owners.
  2. I will not agree to the mandate and will not fit a new transponder with ADSB Out unless the Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) pays at least the cost of a standard, all in one unit, based on an industry standard like an Appareo or Garmin unit which has a current equipment cost of $2995.00 USD. (to be converted to NZD plus GST)
  3. I understand the system and have examined the costs and benefits to me associated with this proposed mandate.
  4. I agree that as the installation costs will vary significantly from aircraft to aircraft these will be at my/the aircraft owners cost.

Thank you for the opportunity to submit on this important matter.


That’s it Guys it is up to you now.        Ian Andrews

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