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May 2019

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May 2019

Good morning folks, the winter is upon us and our Mid-winter gathering is only weeks away…. so far154 aviators coming; Omarama will be humming.

Firstly I would like to welcome Ivor Yockney to our ‘Exec’ Ivor is Canterbury based and works as a wild life ecologist. At our meeting yesterday he recounted his previous weeks work riding in the left seat of a jet helicopter darting deer to have radio collars put on them. This is part of DOC research to determine the extent of collateral damage to deer from a new poison programme. What a day job…

Advocacy has come through strongly with the acceptance of flight testing for colour blindness in commercial pilots. We have been pushing for this in partnership with the professional pilots associations for 10 years. Such is the glacial speed of our regulators. On a personal note though one of my colleague’s sons is fanatical about aircraft and knows what motors all sorts of obscure planes have. He just wants to be a pilot and was devastated to be told at Omaka that with his familial colour blindness he could not fly commercially – but now he can – happy kid. Plus did you know that one of the side effects of Viagara is colour blindness…..  Dr Watson CAA Medical Director was surprised by this fact too.

Ian A is working tirelessly in Wellington. The Medical Standards Reform is ‘time lined’ for final consultation later this year with implementation in mid-2020. We do not yet know exactly what it looks like. The IFR syllabus review has fallen onto the CAA glacier; their review is to take until Christmas – our production of a draft took two weeks. The ADSB subsidy issue is in the hands of the bureaucracy… Ian has been working with the aviation map producers to have a set of maps published in a book form – like a road map. This looks very good and we believe it will be very popular. Not sure yet of cost as the overheads for map compilation need to be covered. However it will allow us to have easy access to paper maps. Remember we have a legal requirement to fly with up to date paper maps even though most of us find electronic ones more useful.

Now a note from Murray Paterson – not just for the winter flyin but for all our flyins:

Recently an AOPA Working Party got together to spend the day discussing the process of Organising and Participating in AOPA Flyins.

The Working Party included Executive members who are involved in organising Flyins and rank and file members of AOPA who participate on a regular basis.

From the discussion there were many excellent points made to make organising and participating in the Flyins a better experience.


From the member registrations the organisers use the information to make decisions as to the requirements for the Flyin.  These include:


Meals including lunches.

Strip planning.

Group planning and number of leaders required.

Briefing information.

If you and your family are 50/50 about coming to a Flyin the organisers request you register and maybe make a note with your registration that you may be doubtful. Nearer the date, even the day before, if you are not able to attend then remove your registration or TEXT or call one of the organisers to advise that you are not able to attend. Just arriving unannounced is an organiser’s nightmare.


Organisers want to hold a good Flyin for all to enjoy. Organising a safe Flyin to interesting places requires sharing information to all of the participants. Having everyone armed with the right information assists with the smooth flow for the Flyin on the day.

Participants need to make themselves familiar with the information that will make them responsible participants at the Flyin. The responsibility starts while you are still at home before getting in the plane and stops when you close the door when you get home.

Get to the Flyin in good time to enjoy the comradeship of fellow Aviators.

Read all the information made available prior to the Flyin and at the Flyin. Study the maps of the area of the Flyin to get a good feel of the geography and topography.

Study the APP and take a good look at available photos and details. Make lots of mental notes.

You can never have too much preparation.


At Flyins we want to enjoy the day as a group; we want to look after each other. The time for a drink is after the days flying is finished, when all the aircraft are tied down or tucked away in the hangar.

I would like to remind everyone that submitting photos for our calendar can be done any time from now. Email to Murray.

Plus remember AON’s offer of a high spec Lightspeed headset to one of us who gets a quote for our aircraft insurance before 30th June. See attachment.

I think that is quite enough for one month. I look forward to catching up with many of our members at Omarama in July, let us hope the weather gods look kindly upon us.

Best wishes

Steve Brown



AON Lightspeed offer


Enter the draw to win a Lightspeed Zulu 3 headset, complete with auto shut off, Bluetooth, active noise reduction, and  priority comms.

All you have to do is complete an AON insurance proposal for a quote for aircraft insurance before 30th June 2019. You must be an AOPA member and only one entry per person.


Daniel Gregory         09 362 9145

Craig Ferguson         03 477 6649




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