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August 2019 Short Approach

Presidents Thoughts

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August Short Approach…

Good morning all. Looking forward to catching up with many of you at our third attempt at a winter flyin…. This time it will happen with or without all our aircraft. I am confident that we will get some aircraft and this will give us opportunities to be innovative...  There will be plenty of time for a good chat and opportunity to meet new friends and catch up with old..

For those flying in can I emphasise again that our safety is dependent on you reading the arrival procedure and complying with it. The system is elegant and works really well.  Do it.

Plenty going on at present, through don’t hold your breath for any progress from CAA;  the resignation of the board chair and the Minister asking for a ‘Review of CAA’ will we suspect keep them busy. 

AOPA NZ welcomes a ‘Ministerial Review’ of CAA and is looking to assist in any way we can. We believe that this review needs to be independent and have a wide ‘Terms of Reference’. There are many highly skilled, and knowledgeable people in the aviation industry and we would like to see an independent Review Committee balanced between people with operational industry knowledge as well as regulatory knowledge. Watch this space. At our Aviation Federation yesterday we drafted a letter to the minister with an offer to assist and a list of suitable people to sit on a Committee.

I took the opportunity to meet with Ben Morgan, CEO of AOPA Aust, and also had dinner with Marc De Stoop (AOPA President), Andrew Andersen, and Ian Andrews while on holiday. AOPA Aust has moved strongly to have their regulator, CASA, reviewed from above… they have been successful in pressing the Australian Senate to call for a ‘Legislative Review’ of the ‘Select Committee’ RRAT (Rural Regional Affairs Transport Committee). This review is specifically asking what impact the ‘Culture, politics and regulations of CASA’ has had on the decline of GA in Australia. The Australian charter industry has declined 50% in 15 years and of the 9,200 registered GA aircraft only 50% are airworthy etc. This review is to take 12 months and the results will be fascinating to see. We note the closeness of our two countries aviation regulators.

Also on an international perspective after the resignation of Phillip Reiss from his role as Asia Pacific IAOPA representative we are very pleased that Andrew Andersen has taken up this role. Andrew knows us and our issues very well and we look forward to working with him.

On a local level we are very pleased to welcome Petroleum Logistics back as a provider of home delivered, well-priced oil. Plus they are able to offer discounted road and marine fuels and may in the future be involved in aviation fuel. The details are on our web site.

Spring is not far away so I trust you and your planes are in good shape and getting ready to enjoy the longer days.

Best wishes


New VNC Chart Book

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AOPA and Aeropath have teamed up to produce a VNC Book that will remind you of the AA or Shell road maps.

No more folding and unfolding oversized charts in the cockpit just sensible sequential pages displaying exact details from the B series and C series charts.

These will be available for order through the AOPA website for members at a good discounted price and for non mmbers through the traditional AIP Shop site.

Watch for detailed pricing in the next few weeks.

Mechanical hope yet

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AOPA and EAA in the USA are working successfully with FAA to revamp how we regulate non commercal aircraft. This looks like an excellent direction to progress.

American progress

Petroleum Logistics

Lubricant offer

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