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November 2019

Presidents Report

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Hi folks, Christmas is looming and AOPA’s work is not yet done for the year…

We have been promised the detail for the Class 2 medical standards review for the last month and still only have unofficial detail. It is pretty clear that our voice has not been heard. We will still need a bus licence medical and will have limited privileges so this process is just giving us a glorified RPL.  As an RPL review there are useful gains, 5 passengers, 2.5 tonne plane, but still no IFR, nights, or aerobatic rating privileges. Flying over built up areas is not yet clear. This is good for the RPL.

AOPA NZ was looking for a more studied review, looking at evidence and making appropriate significant change as has been seen in UK, Europe and USA. We are going to be putting in a lot of effort in at the next consultation phase.

On the international front both Ian Andrews and I have been invited to contribute to the IAOPA committee working with the international aviation body ICAO assisting with them developing a new medical standard for private and recreational flying. We understand that it is not possible to just take car driving licence standards as they vary too much around the world so ICAO wants a common sense medical standard to stand alone for this level of aviation. Bring it on.

The good news is that we have the best subsidy in the world to help us fit   ADS-B out and in. Well done. We have yet to see the claiming process but rest assured as Ian Andrews and I will be the first to submit our claims we will be looking at it closely. I have been enjoying the ADS-B ‘in’ screen in my panel very much, it not only helps to see what is out there but it is lots of fun looking at what speeds and altitudes friends are doing.

The VNC book of maps has been flying out the door at a high rate of knots. We are really pleased with the uptake of this chart book. There has been some discussion around the legality of the books and we have had discussion with CAA on this matter. The bottom line is that the pilot is the person to confirm that this is the appropriate map, it is exactly the same as the sheet maps so the pilot has to be sure that it is the current series and that the scale and areas are appropriate. There does appear to be no issue with the actual format of the data.

We have three ‘exec’ members not standing at the next AGM so we are on the lookout for some new blood…… younger and maybe female would be good, but of course the best person for the job will be voted or appointed. Please think about whether it is time for you to put your name forward and spend some time advocating for GA and organising exciting social activities.

Speaking of social, the motels we have lined up for the Summer Safari are only holding rooms until the end of November so if you are thinking of coming get your bookings in or you might be tenting under your wing.

That is enough from me, I trust you enjoy some summer flying and keep safe out there.

Best wishes

Steve Brown

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