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September 2014

It is Blue September

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Blue September is the Prostate Cancer Foundation's national awareness campaign. AOPA member Geof van Asch is showing us what to do. 

Every year around 600 men die in New Zealand of prostate cancer.  That is more than 600 fathers, sons, brothers, grandfathers - gone! This happens because men don’t know how dangerous the disease is, they don’t talk to their doctor about it, they simply don’t do anything about it. This has to stop. Prostate cancer can be prevented if detected early enough.

That’s why Blue September is about getting the word out about prostate cancer.  If you buy a blue ribbon, paint your face blue, donate money to the Prostate Cancer Foundation or even tell people, you will be directly helping to lower the death rate and reduce the suffering from this disease.

406 Beacons

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Lloyd Klee AOPA member comments on safety article in the latest AOPA magazine

Our safety Officer stated that you should not rely on a 406 Beacon as they can take 4-5 hours to locate you. Lloyd disagrees and explains his point of view. The RCC say they can pinpoint the location in under 3 hours, maybe 10 minutes with an average of 50 minutes. The Doppler method used is not triangulation but requires a couple of passes with the satellite. Certainly a GPS 406 will be a great advantage by broadcasting your position from the instant it turns on.

Let us not lose site of the fact that the article was a general one discussing what to do after you have an incident where you require a rescue. We will start a discussion on the website with the full text from Lloyd to start the discussion. Our Web controller is getting a forum established soon.

Restoration Projects

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Senior aviation enthusiasts volunteer to restore airplanes

Many of the volunteers at the Museum of Flight Restoration Center based at Paine Field in Washington state are well into their 80s -- or older. "The people here have just as many interesting stories as the aircraft they’ve worked on," said the director of aircraft collections, Tom Cathcart. Jim Jackson served as a B-29 mechanic during World War II, and Norm Constan delivered airplanes for Boeing for nearly 40 years. The restoration center is open to the public, and its volunteers are always happy to chat with visitors. HeraldNet (Everett, Wash.)

Medicals in the USA

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AOPA USA leads effort to speed medical reform

In an AOPA-led effort, seven influential general aviation organizations are asking the Department of Transportation and the administration to expedite a review of the FAA’s proposed rulemaking on third class medical reform. In an Aug. 15 letter, the associations urge Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx to complete the review of the FAA notice of proposed rulemaking  within the next 30 days and open the proposal for public comment. 

Maybe we can learn something here?

Latest in GNSS Navigators

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IFD540 Now Certified!

The IFD540 is the only GPS/NAV/COM that will truly make your flying easier, safer, and more enjoyable! Features include Hybrid Touch, GeoFill™, and easy Airway Flight planning, plus it's a plug-and-play upgrade for 530-series navigators! Contact your Avidyne dealer to order yours now! Learn more at

Civil Aviation Act Review

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The Ministry of Transport has put a consultation document out for you to review and make submissions by 31st October. This is a complex document but worth considering and reading. Angela Beazer has presented a good summation in the September NZ Aviation News Legal Lounge that will help to understand what is going on. MoT is having a series of road shows to explain and if they are as good as the recent CAA ones they will be worth attending. Follow the link below for the dates.

This is the first time since 1990 and will probably be the last time for 25 years that it will be reviewed. AOPA will be submitting on the part 2A which covers medical certification. We made a presentation to MoT last year in preparation for this and have had some of our points accepted. We will submit further in October. Go online and have a look at the document, then come back to the executive with any ideas you want raised.

PS. The picture is because I could not copy the MoT logo without permission so George Thompson gets a plug for his immaculate C180.


IAOPA Europe News

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Aviation in Europe faces the same frustrations as we do in NZ. it is worth a look at the newsletter on this link as it will let you know what issues face the rest of the world.

Bonspeil Fly-In

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Shaun Gilbertson does it again.

Shaun is a master at last minute fly-ins and this one was no exception. Four days notice and the snow farm was sitting at 5000 odd feet with a beautiful day and fine weather. From there they had morning tea at The Branches then over to the west coast for strip landings on the beaches and lunch at Haast. followed by a trip up the hunter and then back to Wanaka in time for the bar to open. Thanks Shaun and this shows the benefit of the hard work you put in with the RBPA to get those back country strips. Common Auckland beat that. Pictures are here.


Presidents Notes

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August was a busy month for me as I went to 8 out of the 12 funding review road shows. Always working something else in with the trip but these shows were very well run by the Director which shows the importance that CAA put on the consultation process this time. There were members of the CAA Board at some as well which gave a chance to meet the and express our views to the ones that make the decisions. 

There is still a lot to do and AOPA will be involved in all the evaluation of the submissions before the next round which will be HOW MUCH we pay.

On the way to Queenstown I had a ride in the jump seat of an ATR to view first-hand the approach into QN. It really pushes home the benefits we have from GNSS and how far we have come in the last 10 years. It also reinforces my belief in the need for SBAS in Australasia to give the reliability and integrity needed for these tight approaches. An update on SBAS is that we have a meeting with Governments on both sides of the Tasman scheduled for November. We are making good progress on this issue.

There have been some great Fly-ins as reported above with more on the website. Use the website and if you have trouble let Angela or myself know and we can assist.

Jill and I are off to China tonight to the IAOPA World Assembly in Beijing. I am looking forward to seeing what happens elsewhere and what we can learn from other AOPA groups. There are 73 member countries in IAOPA with USA being the main provider of information. A major topic will be maintaining the rights of our type of GA flying world-wide. This is a common issue amongst all member countries with access to airspace and over regulation the main issues.

Safe flying

Ian Andrews

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