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Hi members, I don’t like to overload you with emails but thought it appropriate to share with you our progress on the final consultation phase of the ‘Revised Medical Standards for PPL flying’.

We have now finalised our AOPA NZ submission. We are wholeheartedly supporting the Aviation Federation of NZ submission which we have had a large part in preparing. The Independent Review of the CAA proposal as put out for consultation in the NPRM is a key document in our efforts to get nearly full flying privileges available to pilots using the DL9(P) professional driving licence medical standard, applied to PPL flying.

 We specifically want full access to pressurised aircraft, twin aircraft, night flying, IFR flying, agricultural flying, banner towing and aerobatic rating privileges. We have acknowledged that the 5 passengers and increased gross weights as proposed is a significant step forward and much appreciated.

I have attached links to the CAA website where you can put in your personal submission. I am doing one for myself so would appreciate as many members as possible taking the time to do this.. Plus links to our website to the formal AOPA submission, the Aviation Federation Submission and the Independent report from TDB Consulting.

This is the final opportunity we have to influence the rule changes, so let’s make it count.

Best wishes

Steve Brown


How to do submission link

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Note you will have to go down to the medical standards NPRM and then the online submission form is at the bottom of the page......


AOPA NZ submission

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Click here to read the AOPA NZ Submission

Aviation Federation Submission

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To read the NZ Aviation Federation Submission and the TDB Advisory report please; click here

or go to your AOPA NZ website and read all the documents HERE

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