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February 2020 Short Approach

From The President.

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Short Approach – AGM time.

Hi folks, summer is sliding by, we’ve had some autumnal mornings in Canterbury recently. The flying has been a bit difficult with unreliable weather and I hear from Z Energy that our fuel usage is down somewhat. Speaking of Z, our contact, Barry Griffin is keen to assist AOPA with safety initiatives; among other things we are looking at enhancing our web cams both in quality and coverage. I find these webcams invaluable in my flight planning these days.

It is only 3 weeks from our AGM and we are looking forward to meeting lots of members in Motueka. Nelson Province has a reputation for lively AGM discussions so this years should be no exception. You do not need to register for the AGM but if you want to come to our dinner Saturday night then you need to register numbers for the dinner – no exceptions. Nomination forms for our ‘exec’ are available on the website (AGM event page) and we have 3 members not standing so there are spaces to fill. Please also get to thinking and nominate for our awards, email form was sent out a week ago but if you didn’t get it then the nomination form will be on the web site by tomorrow.

We are going to be looking for helpers to assist us with our display at the ‘Warbirds over Wanaka’ Easter airshow. The NZ Aviation Federation is kindly providing a tent at the show and we are taking a space to promote our organisation and safe GA flying. If you are there you will get the chance to meet ZK MPP (Murray’s Plywood Plane). This is our new simulator which will be being used to put pilots into unexpected situations and to see how they react, plus give ‘yet to train’ pilots a chance to ‘fly’…. Should be fun. The simulator is going on ‘Safari’ with us and we are planning to give pilot partners some ‘emergency’ piloting experience, I look forward to reporting back on that.

A bit of housekeeping; thanks to all members who have paid their subs… your support is much appreciated and allows us to get on with the job of advocating for our ‘Freedom to Fly’. If you have not paid, please do, it is not a good use of Mary’s time chasing subs. If you did not get an invoice then please contact Mary as we might have a wrong email address.

I have enjoyed not having to write about medical matters this time, not that I am getting any less messages from members who are having issues. However, our submission(s) have been heard and we hear are being taken seriously, so watch this space for some progress.

The ADSB subsidy online application is in 'beta' testing so hopefully will be released soon.

The Summer Safari is not far away and I am looking forward to it very much. If you are coming remember to get some flying in and get current with your lookout, approaches and landings. We have arranged a host of interesting places to visit and all we really need now is the weather.. 

See you at an airfield,

Best wishes



Piston trainer surge lifts GA market

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Demand for piston trainers driven by the world's unquenchable thirst for new pilots drove deliveries to numbers not seen in a decade, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association announced Wednesday. Business jet sales also soared to a 10-year high.

Full Story: AOPA Online

GA a force in national, local economies

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General aviation is a $247 billion industry that employed 273,500 workers and indirectly supported 1.2 million jobs while keeping a fleet of more than 211,000 aircraft flying for business and individual operators in 2018, according to a new report that analyzed the industry's impact and output.

Full Story: AOPA Online

If you look at these figures and compare it to NZ you will find that we are in a similar position. That is why AOPA NZ is pushing our Government for a better model to drive the GA economy and a National Aviation Infrastructure that spreads the cost across all users of the system. This is just a small part of your AOPA NZ Advocacy.

ADSB will be mandated so be ready.

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Just a reminder to check the clock on your AOPA NZ website at    It is ticking away and if you do not book in to an avionics shop soon you will miss the cut.

Read the great articles in the next Magazine, 

or go to the ADSB Website

or just talk to your favourite Avionics supplier, preferably one that advertises with AOPA.

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