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Good evening folks,

I am sure many of you will have heard that CAA has developed a process whereby we can apply to them for permission to fly our aircraft for maintenance reasons only.

You can apply to fly to a maintenance provider (if they are open).

Many of us will consider that regular use is good for our engines. The Lycoming and Continental advisory circulars state that 60 minutes of flight every 30 days is adequate to avoid the consequences of excessive wear and tear. We can now apply to CAA for authorisation to fly a 60 minute local flight with no off-home field landings once a month.

My understanding is that Rotax recommend a flight every 60 days.

I would like us to remember that in the past many of us have travelled overseas for a month or two and happily left our aircraft in their hangar’s. Lets be honest and not see this maintenance avenue as a ‘right’ to fly.

New Zealand’s success in nearly eliminating Covid-19 is dependent on us keeping social distance and minimising the number of people we meet who are outside our ‘bubble’. Please continue to respect the effort and price we have paid to get to this position. The rules are not perfect but they are working.

We will have a more extensive discussion paper in the ‘Missed Approach’ which is due out later this week.

I will attach the relevant form, Lycoming and Continental service bullitins.

Keep safe and best wishes,

Steve Brown



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Here is the service comment from Lycoming. You will need to quote this to CAA if you have a lycoming engine.


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Here is the link to the Continental Service Bullitin SB20-03 is the one you want.


For Rotax 912 A/F/S/UL Series engines requirements for stored engines refer to the Rotax 912 Line Maintenance
Manual Section 00-00-00 Para 3.2 Standstill.

CAA form

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Here is the link to the CAA circular and form you will need to fill out and email to the address on the form.

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