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January 2021

Presidents Report

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 Short Approach – January 2021

Hi folks, Christmas has come and gone and hopefully you have all had a chance to catch up with friends and family then have a bit of a break. Sue has not really enjoyed the flying we have done; horrid weather, rain and high winds; it can only get better….

The year is off to a great start with plenty going on in AOPA NZ’s world.

The forthcoming AGM has come together well and I will copy Murray’s words:

50th AGM at Cromwell 19th to 22nd March 2021

“The Gate” Hotel also called Harvest Hotel 03 4451777 is still holding rooms and Motel units but the hold on the Motels till end of January 2021. Please phone to make bookings as on line the reservations will show the hotel has no vacancies as AOPA has booked out the accommodation.

For those registered for the AGM we will be sending out a questionnaire to be filled in on line to give the organisers of Members plans for the different events during the weekend. This is our indicator for catering too. Please fill in when it arrives and send back ASAP.

For the AGM weekend we need lots of photos to put on a screen show to be played over the weekend. To date we have received only a hand full. PLEASE PLEASE look some out. Kittyhawk Flying Club and AOPA have got lots of photos out in albums and on computers. Please forward by mail to
Claire and Murray Paterson
P O Box 119
Email to
Those that get posted you will get back for sure.

2020 AOPA Annual Awards
It’s time again to get your nominations in for the Annual Awards. Start today thinking of who should be considered for an award to be presented at Cromwell at the AGM Dinner.
A survey will arrive in the email for you to make your nomination.

Thinking of AGM, we will be calling for nominations for our Exec Committee, if you are interested get in touch.

CAA have at long last sent their advice around the review of medical examinations for PPL to the Ministry of Transport. Their decision is great for us, 5 passengers and ok over town and city with the DL9 P we use for the RPL. No IFR and no aerobatics below 3,000’ but they did relent and allow night flying within 25 miles of your airport. Our job now is to push this along the corridors of the Ministry of Transport, watch this space.

PPL Medical 

CAA have postponed the ADSB compulsion entering controlled airspace by 12 months. Now mandatory 31st December 2022. CAA are rather disappointed at the number installations so far; they are having a strong push to encourage owners to install the units. If you plan on fitting ADSB then time to get on with it…..

There has been some comment that the calendar included too many tail wheel aircraft. We ‘nosewheelers’ are totally to blame because we have not sent our photos in…. Lets get some good pics this year and inundate Murray with choice for 2022.

Mary is keen that we get our subs paid on the first invoice, it is not a good use of her time to have to chase tardy payers. Thanks for sorting this.

Kapiti airport’s potential closure has been getting a lot of media attention and the airport’s continuation has had support from many quarters including AOPA NZ. Chris Hoffman is leading our effort and we look forward to progress throughout this year.

Milford airfield issues seem to have settled down for now. Watching brief on this jewel.

The weather usually settles in later summer so here’s hoping for some memorable flights and good times for 2021.

Best wishes

Steve Brown


When to abort...

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From the American AOPA Air Safety Institute

When to abort...  


 AOPA Live 30 mins of aviation. Live 21 Jan.

Flying in snow,

 Seems a long way away, winter, but interesting article...

Fly in snow?

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