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February 2021

Presidents Report

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 Good morning folks, here I am again writing to you and this time we have a new system in our server which might send my Short Approach at the press of one button… what a novelty. We have been affected by the email mammoths like Google and Apple who see AOPA and our 1,000 email recipients as a ‘spammer’ and send our communications into the ether. I guess we are happy that they are looking after us, I trust you don’t really want our comms to go away. Should you not want emails from us please let Mary know.

I am back on our soap box about ADSB and the ‘New Southern Skies’ changes coming. Actually, I am promoting the national round of meetings which NSS are undertaking to fill us pilots in on the extent of change to our airspace management.

The link to the meeting timetable is here  New Southern Sky - The New Southern Sky 2023: Registration Open ( 

The timetable is here 2020-12-01-NSS-2023-Poster-v4.0.pdf .

I would encourage as many members as possible to attend and meet with the presenters. We need to know what is going on but more importantly we need to let the planners and implementers of this new system know what our needs are…..

We have had safety related incidents at the last couple of events, no injuries but significant damage to aircraft. The possibilities of worse outcomes from these incidents keeps me awake at night. If we were to have a serious injury to a pilot, passengers or observers on the ground we would find it very difficult to run the sort of ‘flyins’ and ‘fly arounds’ which our membership enjoys so much. AOPA Australia does not manage our style of ‘Flyin’ and their management shudder at the thought of having so many aircraft converging on a ‘rough’ strip under the AOPA auspices. AOPA USA has also had to move to single airport flyins where the fun is in the lectures, commercial presentations and social activities. They cannot string together a dozen strips and take 100 aircraft around in groups. I am very keen to preserve our unique style of ‘fly around’ activities. One of the factors I believe will assist us to protect this privilege is for us to have at least have ADSB out in our aircraft. ADSB in will help further.

I have a share in CXC a lovely 90hp Cub. There are 11 shareholders and none of us has gone near controlled airspace in my memory. The hassle and expense of ADSB is easy to consider unnecessary and discussion has been minimal. It is exactly this sort of aircraft which AOPA would consider will become a risk to others and to our organizational wellbeing should the owners not take the time and energy to install this modern safety kit. (Don’t worry there is time left for CXC to be updated, we have been out of the air for ages getting our exhaust rebuilt, parts availability has been turtle slow due to COVID, we need to enjoy her for a while before she comes out of the air again.)   

Enough of that. I hope you are getting some air under your wings and enjoying the good days which we have been getting. Looking forward to seeing lots of members and friends at Cromwell for our AGM anniversary weekend, plus getting a go in those go-carts at Highland Park again. There will also be a ‘fly around’ so many of us can enjoy the back country strips which abound in our wonderful country.


Best wishes

Steve Brown



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