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March 2021

New medial standards

Hi folks, for those who dont get CAA directives personally I have great pleasure in announcing that the new DL9 (P) medical standard will apply to most PPL flying priviledges in New Zealand from the 5th of April 2021.

This is really exciting. I was sure there would be some more hold ups - but no - I am really pleased. This has been  a massive piece of work contributed to by many many people.  Well done to all those who assisted.

Within a month we will have a medical standard for 95% of our GA flying which will be the envy of the world. The 'Basic Med' in the USA has a number of 'fish hooks' in it which make it less than ideal for a significant number of pilots. The Australian model is not popular as is too complex, in UK the system is user friendly but there are a confusing number of aircraft standards and priviledges and the fine print of Brexit is still being dealt with.

DL9 P certificate is well established in NZ and can be easily and cheaply obtained.


Safe flying,

Best wishes

Steve Brown


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