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April 2021

Presidents Report

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 Presidents Report – April 2021.

Hi folks, the AGM season is over and all the reports I have had from members attending our Cromwell event have been positive. Shaun Gilberson still claims to be the fastest member in a go-cart, but I reckon he just knows which ones are the fastest machines… Highland Park is a wonderful asset. Our meals and pre dinner times were rowdy and fun with lots of discussions between old and new friends. Saturday afternoon reminiscing was presented in an excellent and sensitive manner by our MC Ian Sinclair, thanks Ian. It was appreciated by all. (mind you a few of our partners did seem to slip out to a winery, but that was OK). The 50-year celebration was concluded with a good meal and good wine kindly donated by our Life Members; thank you. Thanks also to RD Petroleum who provided the nibbles on Friday night and to Z energy who donated our Saturday lunch.

The AGM on Sunday was somewhat longer and more controversial than I expected, but all-in good spirits and many speakers from the floor put forward their visions for the future…  We will continue to have regional representation on our Committee and the membership will elect the President, there was support for Committee members to be elected for two years. The new Committee will develop a policy on securely investing our reserve funds.

Our Committee consists of Stephen Brown – President, Steve Horne – Vice President, Chris Hoffman, Don Ryder, Geoff van Asch, Ivor Yockley, Ian Sinclair and Murray Paterson. I look forward to working with this team. This is my third year as President and I believe AOPA NZ Executive Committee needs to have a turnover of representatives to ensure a range of ideas and energy is brought to the table. This will be my last year as President.

Advocacy is still going full speed ahead. We are waiting expectantly for the fine print of the new Medical Standard for PPL flying. The new IFR syllabus is moving glacially. We have a new avenue which will provide members and all pilots to study for the IFR exams using online learning, we are not waiting for the syllabus review but the structure we are working on will be easily adapted.

The new CAA Director, Keith Manch, will be attending the next NZ Aviation Federation meeting and we are looking forward to reporting on what his vision for CAA entails.

I cannot yet say when or even quite where but do look out for some more ‘One Day Events’ they are in the pipeline and we are just waiting for a suitable weather window. Prepare the aircraft…..

The autumn is upon us now so I trust we get some settled cooler weather without the turbulence of heat. Plus that we get the opportunity to get some air under our wheels.

Fly safe.

Best wishes


Steve Brown.

Test Pilot

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 How do you fancy a quiz – thanks to Barry Schiff of AOPA USA.

1.       British designer R.J. Mitchell wanted to name his new fighter aircraft the Shrew. Why was it called the Spitfire?

2.       Famed WW2 Luftwaffe pilot Adolf Galland adorned his fighter aircraft with which insignia?

a.       Mickey Mouse?

b.       A Star of David?

c.       A caricature of Betty Grable?

d.       Frankfurters?


3.    Saylor Davis was a safety instructor. He taught that a pilot needed only to keep three things under control to assure himself that he would die in bed rather than in an airplane. What are they?

4.    If Howard Hughes had asked his mechanic to change all the sparkplugs in his Hughes-Kaiser HK-1 Spruce Goose, how many would he have to change?

5.    True or false? G-load and stall speed always increase when entering and maintaining a turn?



1.       Sir Robert Mclean, head of Vickers Aviation and Supermarine wanted to call it the Spitfire because this was the nick name he used for his spirited daughter, Annie, a girl with a fiery temper..

2.       Mickey Mouse. General Galland was a fan of Disney cartoons.

3.       “a pilot who keeps flammables, inertia and gravity undercontrol will never have an accident”.

4.       Spruce Goose had eight PW R-4360 motors, each had 28 cylinders with twin plugs. The motors developed 3,000hp but a total plug change required 448 plugs.

5.       False. You can enter a turn and temporarily avoid the increasing G-load and stall speed by pitching nose down to maintain 1 G or less. There is a limit of course of how long you can do this before airspeed and sink rate become excessive.


How did you go??


AON Competition

 AON have organised a competition for our members - let them give you a quote or you already use them and they will put you into the draw for a Bose A20... good kit.

Comp details attached

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