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August 2021

Presidents Report

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Greetings from lock down. The news and internet seem full of Covid-19 so this is my last mention of said virus.

AOPA Exec has been busy:

1.      We have conducted a membership survey which is helping us to prioritise our projects.

2.      Our advocacy group is hard at work trying to engage with the home-based CAA staff – The cause of disruption is a weak building.

3.      CAA have spent $2.4M on ADSB subsidies – out of their $10M fund – plenty left.

4.      Metservice and Aeropath are talking. Maybe we will get NOTAMS and aviation weather in the same place.

5.      Kapiti airport protection is being taken very seriously. There is a large public presentation due in early September – Delta variant might delay this.

6.      We have spent/promised $30,000 to support Kapiti Airport Preservation Society – the NZ Aviation Federation are assisting us with a $15,000 grant.

7.      The cheaper, light weight, ADSB units especially suitable for microlights and gliders have been approved for use.

8.      Small airports all around the country are coming under threat. We will struggle to allocate energy and funds to effectively fight every one individually – Via the NZ Aviation Federation we are looking at ways and strategies to be able to protect any and all airfields. Watch this space.

9.      We have progress with the short educational videos which were discussed earlier in the year. The ‘Survey’ has helped here.

10.  We have a ‘go live’ date for of our new improved and ‘social media’ integrated web page. No, I am not publishing it yet… we have to have a few secrets. But I assure you it is not far away.

11.  The Haast ‘fly in’ was a great success. Great bunch of members and a great venue. However, we are looking at Omarama for next years winter event as the weather there tends to be kinder.

12.  Charlie Drapers ‘fly in’ has healthy numbers but has a potential ‘lock down’ cloud over it.

13.  Watch out for the ‘One Day Events’ – short notice via email. These have been well received and there are plenty more in the melting pot.


It makes me feel a bit tired just to list all this… but rest assured all the work is progressing.

Hope we can get air under our tyres soon.

Best wishes

Steve Brown


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 General Aviation Roadmap: spring 2021 (

This is a very positive 'Regulator lead' paper. Words are sometimes just words but this is a great start for them. We are going to try to get a similar paper here.

Unleaded avgas

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 GAMI receives unleaded avgas STC - AOPA

IAOPA Europe Enews August 2021 - Special Edition

This is really big news. 

Plus it has happened before we thought it would.

Radio etiquette

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 Is using "Any Traffic in the Area Please Advise" a problem? (

I like to use this phrase, but maybe it is not really useful?

Good 'ol Aussies

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 RAAF Globemaster ‘weaving between’ Brisbane skyscrapers goes viral – Australian Aviation

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