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November 2014

From the top desk

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There are a few good activities coming up before Christmas so have a look at the events page on the website to get the full details. I will give another plug here for the AGM and Golf at Whakatane on Feb 20th. Jack and Marion Schulte are looking after all the local happenings and they are keen to see it well supported. We are trying to make the AGM weekend a bit more interesting so will keep the actual meeting down to the minimum. That does not mean if you have something to say we will rush you as it is your meeting to raise whatever you want.

This last month has been filled with writing submissions. The Act review is well underway and there are some things that should be tidied up so we have had AMC Legal do a review of our submission. You can find it on our website at

I cover the funding review in the next magazine but there are several meetings planned on this over the next few months. There is a long way to go and much discussion to be had. 

The New Southern Sky Navigation plan implementation is in full swing and ADSB is getting a hearing at the moment. It needs to have some serious input from GA.  I am a bit disappointed that this whole thing is being treated as though it is black magic and something new that needs more regulation and oversight from CAA. We are in there trying to keep a lid on some of the things that are being proposed. Sometimes I think I do not have the patience for this job as things that seem simple always turn out to be complicated by rules and regulation.

Enjoy your flying and if you have not already done so get your RPL application in and save some money on medicals.


Learning to fly a seaplane increases skills

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Jetwhine blogger Robert Mark writes about learning to fly a seaplane at Traverse Air, based at Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Mich. Instruction included not just airplane operations, but also preflight, the difference between glassy water and a water surface disturbed by wind and additional precision flying skills. "Who would have thought taking off and landing on glassy water was actually more challenging than when there’s a breeze?" Mark writes. (9/29)

Medical advisory board supports medical reform

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The AOPA USA Medical Advisory Board is the latest group to urge quick action on the proposed FAA rule that would allow thousands more pilots to fly without the need for a third class medical certificate. AOPA Online.

In New Zealand we are watching this with great interest.

CO poses a greater threat than you think

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The National Transportation Safety Board's accident database shows that carbon monoxide-related accidents are far more common than most pilots think, writes blogger Mike Busch. He writes that low levels of CO are far more dangerous to pilots than non-pilots and recommends that every single-engine piston aircraft carry a CO detector. Opinion Leaders.

AOPA USA delivers a strong message on ADSB equipage.

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AOPA's message that the cost to equip is too high and must be lowered substantially was heard loud and clear at a "call to action" summit on ADS-B put together by the FAA. AOPA Online.

Hypoxia: an insidious emergency

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Many in-flight emergencies arrive with fanfare: annunciator lights, engine sputtering, smoke. Hypoxia may insinuate itself into the cockpit quietly, without the pilot even knowing. In its subtlety lies danger. AOPA Online.  also


Read all the article because a recent fatality was a Cirrus. It is not just in a pressurised aircraft that you will suffer from this problem. Also note that NZ rules say 10,000 feet for 30 mins. When I was flying the C182 CH to AK all the time at up to 12,000 feet I breathed Oxygen over 8,000 feet and passengers did the same at 10,000. It made a huge difference to my tiredness at the end of the trip. The Malibu has a cabin altitude of about 3,000 when we are at 15,000 which is very pleasant but I always keep an eye on the pressurisation. (Ian)

Christmas Fly-ins coming up.

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It is that time of the year again. There is a North Island and South Island Xmas BBQ being held during November so come along before the real Christmas rush begins. Check out the website for the details and register on line. We all need a bit of fun about now. 



Great News for AOPA NZ Members.

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From a recent meeting between Guy Sanders (AOPA NZ Executive Committee Member) and Barry Griffith (Z – Aviation Fuel), there has been another increase on the discount which AOPA NZ members can benefit from.

The new discount that applies to participating AOPA NZ members has been increased to 8 cents per litre including GST based on the posted airfield price (PAP). This rate is backdated to apply from 1st October 2014 and effective immediately..

These rates will be reviewed again on the 1st of October 2015, and if AOPA NZ members have increased their usage, then another increase may be on the cards, so really we need to choose Z Avgas when ever possible.

Currently we have about 330 members signed up, so for those who haven't signed up yet, we strongly suggest you do, along with registering your FlyBuys number, which is a significant added bonus!.

For further information and to sign up, please contact Guy Sanders: email -, phone - 03 4389 828, cell - 0274 587010.

Australian Bush Pilot starts new company

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Matt Wright is known for his hit National Geographic channel show "Outback Wrangler," in which he relocates saltwater crocodiles and collects crocodile eggs with his helicopter. Now, Wright has launched Outback Floatplane Adventures to give guests a taste of everything the country's far-flung Northern Territory has to offer in a five-hour flight. The Courier (Australia) (10/15)

Angel Flight to Masterton

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Jim Laris of Masterton, New Zealand, has terminal cancer and wanted to spend his last days at home with his family. He was too sick to travel by car, so the Angel Flight organization arranged for pilot Stuart Clumpas to fly him home in a Cessna 421 Golden Eagle. "My wife had breast cancer three years ago, so I know what it's like. There's a lot of people in the pilot community that would like to give back, and it's a good way to do that," said Clumpas. The New Zealand Herald (11/5)

Diamond DA41 NZ demo tour on now

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Hawker Pacifc Manager, Martyn Griffiths announces the demo tour of the new Diamond DA41 starting with an open day at Ardmore on 10th November then at Hamilton on 11th November, Napier on 12th, Palmerston North on 13th followed by Nelson and Christchurch on the 14th November. Contact Martyn for any further information.    M +64 27 808 0094 .


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